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List of Spiritual Objectives

Date: 10-Aug-2008/10:40+3:00


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I was told in a dream last night to make a list of spiritual objectives [[1]](http://realityhandbook.org/lucid-dream/willard-scott-is-on-my-list/). I'm not entirely sure how a "spiritual objective" would differ from an ordinary goal for personal improvement. But I will try putting a few things down.
This is an important one in general, ask Yoda (or any number of other people). Plus, scary things are always happening to me in dreams. I know a lot of other people have nightmares... but anyone who tells you that lucid dreaming is a good way to 'take control of a dream so that you can make the scary part go away' is being kind of daft.
Firstly, I am of the opinion that taking charge of a dream fully might be the equivalent of closing your eyes and imagining whatever you want when threatened in waking life. That might seem to make the scary thing go away, but it's a dangerous and solipsistic denial of the outside world. To protect yourself you need more data. I'm all for visualization exercises--but a baby doesn't grow up very well if it never opens its eyes and just 'imagines' all day.
Secondly, what isn't scary about the idea that we don't actually know what is going on? At first you might go "whee, I'm in a dream, that giant weasel can't eat my face now!". But what do you do when the giant weasel DOES eat your face anyway...and there you are with your face ripped off for 30 minutes going "why am I not waking up?"
Because of the potential for infinite scariness, I've done a lot of work on this one. Just trying to build up nerves of steel. This remains my #1 goal as I face the unknowns of what's going to happen next. There are things I've thought of doing... like watching videos of surgeries or horror movies, just to get better at being indifferent to such things. Yet I don't particularly want to plant the seeds in my head so that I end up dreaming about such things, it's a tough call.
I wish to go toward greater awareness of math... tools... systems. I'm always happier to learn a new thing and do something a better way. If I were reincarnated I would want to be moving onto an even better brain/mind/whatever than what I have now.
The pursuit of excellence in design and problem solving is something that I would say I'm driven toward in a way that feels very spiritual. I'd also say my efforts to improve as a communicator fall under this category. I'm not doing a bad job at being smart, but I could always do better.
I've often talked about my strong contention with the meditation camp on this. They often seek to "quiet the mind", and consider an obsession with creation and engineering to be a distraction from really getting close to the mind of God's true nature. They see God as a "being of pure light who sustains the universe with the power of Love."
Sorry, but my God (if I have one) is a passionate God of knowledge, who worked hard and wants others to recognize the work and to appreciate its quality. For me, the spiritual objective is to come closer to that understanding. "I'm more like a Doozer than like a Fraggle."
I'm sick and tired of attacks of all sorts in dreams. Whether this qualifies as a "spiritual" goal or not, if some dream being sat down and really helped me learn how to fight that off I'd be very grateful. Please teach me to not get killed by whatever the heck keeps killing me, soon!
I do wonder how much work on greater control of my body (e.g. through martial arts) might help, and if it would help with more than just having confidence about fending off attacks. When I talk about these tricky things I have to manage--like walking through a system that is clearly not limited by the rules we are used to in 3-D--I can only assume that it has a strong component coming from mental agility. But how much of it is about mind-body coordination?
When I see something wrong or bad, and realize that I can't fix it, I feel waves of emotions like anger. But I'd like to operate from a perspective of just doing what needs to be done, as tactically as possible, without any feeling but the feeling of doing that which is right. Essentially it is my objective to become far more robotic. I'd like to still understand emotions as clearly as if I had them, but I don't want to have them.
Though this way is not to everyone's tastes, it is to mine.
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