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Tom Cosm on Lucid Dreaming

Date: 31-Mar-2009/12:23+3:00

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Periodically I search the recent blog posts for people who are writing about lucid dreaming. A sad lot of these are people giving one or two rehashed "lucid dreaming tips" followed by offers to sell you a training CD or e-book on how to get better at lucid dreaming. As I'm someone who believes scientific information should be free, I'm frustrated that these sites and these attitudes of holding back any data would exist.
Yesterday, though, I had one of the best "finds" in recent memory. It is the site of Ableton musician Tom Cosm. He blogged about his lucid dreaming recently, and even replied to a comment I left on his site (!) You can check out his post and the ensuing comment thread. He says:
After my first lucid dream I was hooked, I worked hard to bring in additional tests so I would lucid dream more often... and each time I hit this strange conscious state I would experiment within my own mind! You can do all the fun stuff of course... fly around, travel to outerspace, fornicate... you name it.. but it starts getting interesting when you realise you can interact with characters in your dreams, knowing that they are actually created by your own mind. Have you ever sat down over a coffee and had a conversation with a splitting image of yourself (without people thinking you are crazy)? I highly recommend this.
Like my philosophy of why I don't have friends-locked entries or try to charge any money for my data, Tom's philosophy about music is similarly principled. He sees it as communication that should not be hindered by something as banal as money.
You can dive into his music page and play right from there.
Note If you're not too prudish to cope with the naughty play on voiced labiodental fricatives, check out "Venus" under "minimal" for a polished dance song with some good percolation and stutter...!
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