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A Post to alt.dreams.lucid

Date: 15-Dec-2005/6:30+3:00


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I posted to alt.dreams.lucid today, trying to do a "shout out" to the experienced lucid dreamers who can't really live a normal life without finding others of their ilk. Or at least, that's what I was trying to say--maybe it didn't come across? This represents my acknowledged failure to have anything result from my various psychic attempts to hand out and collect contact information in the dreamworld. It failed, so...new plan needed.
I've known about alt.dreams.lucid for a while, but have historically shied away from Usenet. Namely because posting required some weird nntp server address that I never had, and I didn't want to put my email address out there. But with a gmail account these two things are hopefully going to work all right!
In any case, if you're a visitor to my "blog" due to seeing that post, welcome! It's not updated all that often; I have interesting dreams (almost) every night but only write them up occasionally, especially since I don't feel particularly responsible to an "audience". (That might change if I get one!) For the moment, I usually document a dream if I think there is some danger of me forgetting an aspect that I will want to look up later.

Newsgroups: alt.dreams.lucid
Subject: any "chronic" lucid dreamers who deeply questioning reality?
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 14:29:44 -0000
Hello readers of usenet alt.dreams.lucid,
It seems many in this group are looking for techniques to have more lucid dreams, out of a desire for novelty. That's cool! But I'm afraid that my own experiences have gone far past entertainment, and have raised serious questions and issues that I'm not able to put aside.
(Indeed: When I started six years ago, I spent a lot of time wondering about how to stay in dreams longer. Now I am usually more concerned with how to wake up!)
It's tough to explain to the average person how much one's worldview can change after clocking dozens of hours interrogating the dream environment directly. Those who do not have lucid dreams--or who have them infrequently--can easily dismiss them as a subconscious flight of fancy. Yet I've become convinced that there is something fundamental involving communication with worlds and beings which are "as real as" "the people one meets on the street."
I'm livid at psychiatry's narrow attitudes about lucid dreaming and "astral projection", but I also haven't been pleased with religious movements or conspiracy theorists. When things started getting intense for me, I looked into previously-taboo ideas like chakras and Jesus and alien mind control. I was willing to suspend my disbelief in the words and look for patterns suggesting they were attempts to describe things that related to me. My eagerness to explore created vague situations with "teachers" who seemed more interested in controlling knowledge than in coming clean about their own uncertainties.
Now I am thick-skinned and skeptical, but the very detailed lucid dream experiences have not stopped. For the past year my strongest hope has been to contact people who are in my situation. I've tried handing out my contact information to beings of all sorts while in dreams and telling them to write me when they wake up, but nothing has arrived.
So I am trying this the "old-fashioned" way.
(Usenet is fairly old fashioned, isn't it? I tend to like the features of LiveJournal better ... look me up as LiveJournal user "realityhandbook" ... some dream documentation and weird theories!)
Hope this spoke to at least someone out there. Best wishes and I will try to keep up with posts here. Maybe I'll even figure out how to "reply to some!"
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