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Reality needs an MPAA

Date: 28-Aug-2004/17:39+3:00


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It seems to me that you should be able to have any experience you want. I don't want to prescribe what anyone should and should not like. But even in a universe of infinite resources and realistic digital cloning techniques...you're going to run into problems when one person's fiction gets mistaken for another person's fact. So I've wondered if the ills of the universe are just a side effect of bad labeling and organization.
Much like cities have zoning codes, it seems that any utopian reality (or virtual reality) would itself need to be zoned. Yet our current approach does not scale, not to mention the fact that it's based on a specific set of basic assumptions. It's really a delicate cascading problem that a perfect world would have a tough time with. Whatever agency or organization was responsible for properly laying out this zoning would have a tremendous responsibility, just as the MPAA does.
So I'll just optimistically model us as children who snuck in without IDs and got lost in a cosmic movie theater, seeing NC-100 realities. When this movie ends, I bet the theater of the mind will seem big and confusing for most. Just imagine someone who's been reclining in a theater, eating popcorn and watching a decades-long film...having to readjust to ideas like daylight, depth-perception, and finding their car in the parking lot.
It's hard enough for me to find the car after two hours.
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