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Not Dead, (Yet) : 8-Nov-2019
Bodies vs. Cars : 30-Mar-2010
I Never Saw A Purple Cow (just a Purple Rhino) : 22-Aug-2009
Identity in the World of Strange Days : 27-Oct-2008
Ponderings on the Godhead and on being Alone : 8-Oct-2008
Use and Abuse of Science in the New Thought Movement : 11-Jul-2008
The God Criteria Collection : 8-Jul-2008
The Law of Mechanism vs. The Law of Attraction : 8-Jul-2008
Color and Semiotics : 30-May-2008
Sounds of Silence : 7-Apr-2008
"We create our own reality" re-visited : 5-Feb-2008
The Primacy (or lack thereof) of Consciousness : 22-Oct-2007
Luigi's study of Mario from inside the Nintendo : 26-Sep-2007
Consciousness and The Invisible Wire : 26-Sep-2007
Queerer than we can suppose : 19-Jul-2007
When Fewer Senses Serves You : 19-Apr-2007
Irrepressibility : 17-Mar-2007
Simulacra vs. The Fully Implemented Object : 11-Feb-2007
The Influence of Pervasive Filtering on Message Delivery : 13-Dec-2006
Maybe you've been brainwashed too : 27-Oct-2006
The Church of James Randi, Scientist : 18-Sep-2006
Will we ever see things as they appear to the others? : 5-Sep-2006
Marco Polo and The Dream of Validation : 30-Aug-2006
My Century War (against pretentious sci-fi writers) : 28-Aug-2006
The Dasani Metro Bench Conspiracy, brought to you by MTV : 28-Aug-2006
Drunk Dreaming and the Value of Recall : 25-Aug-2006
What's your twenty : 26-Jul-2006
Different Interpretations of Dreaming : 16-Jul-2005
Dreaming Code of Conduct? : 25-Oct-2004
Design Utopia : 3-Oct-2004
Reality needs an MPAA : 28-Aug-2004
Dealing with differences in perception : 28-Aug-2004
Channeling power to those you do not know : 28-Aug-2004
The Reality Problem : 28-Aug-2004
Storytelling Science : 28-Aug-2004
What is Heaven? : 28-Aug-2004
Warning About Altered State Experiences and the Literature Covering Them : 1-Jan-1999
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The accounts written here are as true as I can manage. While the words are my own, they are not independent creative works of fiction —in any intentional way. Thus I do not consider the material to be protected by anything, other than that you'd have to be crazy to want to try and use it for genuine purposes (much less disingenuous ones!) But who's to say?