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When Fewer Senses Serves You

Date: 19-Apr-2007/2:44+3:00


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We're all familiar with the typical colorblindness "dot" patterns in which colorblind people can't see the number. Today I saw a counterexample where the colorblind have the leg up:
If you're colorblind, you'll easily see the number 5 above--it'll just jump right off the page. Color sensing people should be able to make out a blue-pink-purple 5 in the mess of color now that I've mentioned it...but it's less obvious because your greater ability to see the other color distinctions makes this appear very "noisy".
It's an interesting example where people who are more sensitive might well be considered to be "missing the obvious"...and points to how having a sense that other people do not have can be problematic, leading you to lack another sense.
My own senses--while awake--are probably very poor. I know I don't see very well (without glasses) and my sense of smell is not very good, plus my touch is reduced by something known as Raynaud's Syndrome. I'll eat pretty much anything without complaint, though I think I can describe tastes pretty well...still, I'm average at best in this area. I tend to hear things others do not, so my ears might be better than average.
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