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Like a Tootsie Roll, Only More Imaginary

Date: 15-Apr-2007/19:55+3:00

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Characters: me

There was some kind of dance room where pretty good music was playing, but I avoided it because there were people in there and interactions with people usually complicate things and make me wake up. Instead I stayed in an adjacent room with some kind of container of candy.
The container was labeled "Jocko". There was a large yellow outer package, and inside there were four individually-wrapped conical chocolates. Knowing I was dreaming I had the semi-frivolous curiosity of what it would taste like. They were something like tootsie rolls with nuts in them.
Note I thought Jocko was the name of that fellow from the obnoxious battery commercials in the 80s, but it turns out that was "Jacko"
I noticed myself feeling vibrations and starting to kind of float off the floor, as if I was losing touch with the environment and going to wake up. Remembering the suggestion of "spinning" given by books on lucid dreaming, I decided to try spinning as fast as I could. It kind of made me a bit disoriented and dizzy, but it did give some slight stability to the environment.
Someone appeared and I began talking about the song that was playing.
me: "A few of the songs that were playing are clearly ones I've heard before, so they could be coming from my memory. But some of them sound new, for instance the one that's currently playing. Is it possible for a completely original song to play here?"
He didn't answer and his head disappeared, leaving only a torso.
me: "Um. If you can't speak...you can try just, uh, beaming your answer to me telepathically... ?"
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