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Date: 15-Apr-2007/12:36+3:00

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Characters: him, me

A man approached me in a dream, he was wearing a jacket and seemed friendly, I went to shake his hand and started to speak but he started to speak at the same time. We were a bit surprised by that and stepped back from each other.
him: "You go first."
me: "I was going to comment that you seemed to have...good energy. I worry a lot about getting attacked when I start speaking to people in dreams."
me: "I'm glad to meet someone else who's had the same neck operation I had."
Note I've never had a neck operation, to the best of my knowledge.
He shook my hand and I noticed another hand coming out of the same sleeve. I worried that as I was shaking his hand that one was going to come up and attack me, but it didn't. We walked toward an open door so he could show me something outside.
him: "I'd like to teach you the concept of Oneironaut time"
me: "Thanks, but I'm afraid I probably don't have a whole lot of time left before I wake up. Are you alive on earth at this time? Can you give me a clearly identifying name, something I can search for?"
him: "Yes... I'm on Earth, and I'm 30 years old. Let me give you this..."
He handed me a portfolio. It was hard for me to read the flyers and business cards in it.
me: "I don't think this is going to work. How about a website, a URL, something? Help me out because I can't really get a fix on this."
him: "Potensha!"
me: "Ummm, potensha what?"
him: "You know, like...potential...the potential energy between people, that sort of thing. I'm on the forum."
Note looking up potentia it seems to be a term that shows up in some metaphysical talk. I don't see anything particularly interesting pointing at a particular person.
I tried telling him what my alias was and spelling it out. He handed me back a business card that had someone else's name on it but my alias. I told him that wasn't me, and wrote my name on the card...then immediately woke up.
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