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Hypnagogic Supersensor

Date: 9-Apr-2007/23:49+3:00

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Characters: voice, kids voice

After a dream in which I was looking at a laptop with various photos of people...their aliases, and some text about them, I woke up. Despite the fact that I was kind-of awake, I was paralyzed, and could hear a voice talking.
voice: "Well kids, since we're all waking up now, let me welcome you to this prison..."
There was a bit of humor in the way it was speaking, like it was some sort of camp counselor, but it was a bit sinister as well.
voice: "It's good for us to go through everyone's names and introductions. For those of you who have purchased the primary name plus packages..."
I got hazy around here, trying to hold onto the signal. I do recall that the man was introducing someone who went by the handle of "cellular", and he made fun of that.
voice: "Ah yes, cellular. Well you see what happens when you don't pay for a better name! Now...I want to warn you all...it's not safe to give away the fact that you're a super-sensor. You have to be careful."
kids voice: "It's so terribly isolating, it's horrible."
I did not attempt to "speak" back.
Note It has been a long time since I have been at that level of awakeness and awareness of the room around me and yet still able to listen to such dialogue.
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