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Other Hypnosis Transcripts on the Web

Date: 19-Sep-2007/14:00+3:00


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I'm interested to find there aren't a whole lot of hypnosis transcripts on the web. It would save me a lot of time to be able to study them, especially if they were accompanied by an analysis of how the subject saw it afterward--e.g. if they could tell they were just talking about a sci-fi movie they saw last year. If not enough time is spent studying this stuff, you end up with noise.
Some transcripts on the web, please add to this list if you find any:
The first transcript is the most interesting, but also the most suspect to me. Once things get into detail and the subject begins authoritatively telling you about how reality is structured, I wonder about that person's waking life thoughts--if they've been reading lots of new age books and are steeped in the ideas, it's less surprising for them to start talking like that. It would be a whole different thing if they were an atheist academic who was suddenly babbling about energy and pods and the soul.
(This is why I'll probably question anything I say during hypnosis. I spend too much waking time trying to synthesize my findings in dreams, and I read a lot of junk that probably has contaminated me as a subconscious reality-modeler more than the average person.)
A key contrast in my lines of questioning so far is that I don't want to plant too many suggestions into the mind of the subject. I just want them to explain whatever seems clearest, with a few guides about "how are you communicating with me now?" -- "how do you generally communicate?" I also don't make assumptions that the thing I'm talking to is humanoid or that it lives a human life. Hopefully this can set precedent for anyone who manages to hypnotize me.
I will try to keep my hypnosis-related posts and transcripts tagged and available under hypnosis.
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