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The Warrior Checks Google Calendar

Date: 23-Sep-2007/12:31+3:00

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Characters: warrior, me

I'd happened across a website called "FDISK", which had a simple type-in-a-string front end (like the Google homepage). It claimed to be some kind of new storage site. Couldn't quite figure out what the nature of it was, but I got an wary feeling that it was something crazy like SpamMimic. There was a companion program running on my machine called something like "AMC" and it involved typing on a screen with movies playing, and as you typed it would lead squares to appear and disappear for some reason.
As I realized more and more that I was in dreamstate, I began to wish to learn more about the nature of these programs and what they were doing. I went to look for a help menu, but there wasn't one. There was some kind of "Read documentation for the editor" menu option on the file menu... yet it brought up a dialogue box that said that hadn't been installed. There was an option to "talk to warrior" (which was someone's user name).
I clicked that, and a chat window opened up. I was greeted by someone who acknowledged me by my waking life name.
warrior: "Sorry but due to various problems it's been delayed."
me: "Please, I need your help."
warrior: "Google calendar 2004 doesn't say anything about whether (some user name) will come along in 2007, and even if it does, it might not work out."
me: "Come on, at least explain to me what this program on this dream computer does."
warrior: "Well look, I'd like to go into this right now, because I was once like you, but I'm really tired right now."
At this point, this guy's life story started coming up in the chat window page by page, with lots of pictures. I had to click enter to get past each one. It was a bunch of tedious stuff, this guy had been born in Sweden, found a bug in Adventure Construction Set, was involved in some Alternate Reality Gaming. I tried to whisk the irrelevant personal history pages away and get to something useful, but instead the tedious stuff kept coming... how he'd been surprised the first time a girl had returned his attentions.
Note I was furious and getting ready to type: "You twerp, I don't want to read your life story, I would never do this to anybody." But I've decided to hold back on hostile responses as best I can, when I can. I don't really know what's going on, someone might send me a URL and my chat program loads up a browser... I might be so disoriented that I'm reading the wrong window while they're typing the useful information in a place I'm not even looking.
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