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Hope Springs Eternal

Date: 23-Sep-2007/20:57+3:00

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Characters: me, men, black man, someone

There was a part in a dream where I was non-lucid, playing a video game that was some kind of monochrome variant of the video game Cloak and Dagger at an arcade. Every 100,000 points there was some sort of policy that I would win a plastic container full of popcorn, but I had to fill this container myself. I started stressing over the precise policy... like, was it every 100,000 points on a single quarter or was it every full game played for a quarter where the total score exceeded 100,000?
Note This was not lucid, and I only report it to give some context.
After this I was trying to drive a car and it was out of control. I couldn't stop at stop signs and generally I was concerned about navigation because I didn't know where I was. It began to float, and I was somehow on the road hanging onto the car above me... when I decided to just let it go. It went flying into the air like a balloon.
As I stumbled onto the sidewalk, I ran into an older black man. I greeted him and mentioned that it was too hard to hold onto the car, so I just let it go. We embraced, as some men came up the street.
me: "If you help me, you can have the car. Or whatever. I just need information."
men: "We need the keys. We can't take the car without the keys."
Reaching into my pocket, I emptied the contents. I handed over a backpack I was carrying as well. The black man began writing on my hand with a sharpie.
black man: "If you need me, here's my contact information."
As he started to write, he noticed that the word "negative" was written on my hand already.
black man: (raising his brow) "That changes things."
He thought a little, then scratched out what he had written and wrote something else.
me: "Is that some kind of code? How can you be sure you've read everything you need to read? What if it's a... double negative?"
He and a group of people led me to a nearby shack-like structure. They began some kind of process of gently spinning me and carrying me, which kept me in the dream. They seemed good.
me: "Have you ever seen the movie A Scanner Darkly?"
someone: "I think I saw that one, yes."
me: "Well, if you watch it, that's what I feel like. I wonder if I've made some kind of choice, or if I'm involved in some kind of strange project I don't remember getting involved in. Is there hope for what I'm doing here?"
someone: "I'll say what you are doing is something that has definite potential."
me: "I'm going to wake up, and that's going to be the end of this conversation. Unless you have something you can do."
A man with a full bottle of water sprayed it on someone else, it made a big splash. When he sprayed it on me it felt like air.
me: "That looked like water when it was splashed on the other person. When you splashed it on me, it felt like air."
someone: "You're going to have to learn to fail at some things."
someone: "So far you have done very, very well."
me: "What year is it here, where you are?"
someone: "Hope springs eternal."
me: "That's not what I would call a 'time'. Like, the year 2007, or... two o' clock on Easter Sunday. Those are what I would call 'times'."
I remarked that I'd just felt a sudden rush of blood to my hands, then I woke up.
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