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A Total Mind-Core : 12-Aug-2009
Avoid GeneX at All Costs : 19-Jan-2009
Twelve Lives to Live : 31-Aug-2008
Noi Si Cerul : 25-Aug-2008
Life in the Cuddly Zone : 16-Jul-2008
The Easiest to Remember Name : 15-Jun-2008
The "Beavis and God Save the World" Show : 21-May-2008
Context and the New Alliance of Souls : 6-Apr-2008
Bill Bixby and The Soul Collector : 15-Mar-2008
Polarian M : 20-Feb-2008
Biting Pegs in Cydonia : 5-Oct-2007
Neras on the Forehead : 23-Sep-2007
Hope Springs Eternal : 23-Sep-2007
Battles in an Outdoor Mall : 28-Aug-2007
Get your fresh killbot right here! : 8-Aug-2007
The CITI Terminal : 5-Aug-2007
Two Tanks : 29-Jul-2007
To Boldly Cut and Paste Where No One Has Cut and Pasted Before : 13-Jul-2007
Cumina Cumir Formis : 12-Feb-2007
Who the Hell is Richard Butler? : 11-Feb-2007
Pretending Everything Cost Two Weeks to Make : 4-Feb-2007
Calibration Through a Drawing Exercise : 20-Jan-2007
Smelly Grocery Stores in Another Dimension : 16-Jan-2007
The Key To My Mind : 2-Jan-2007
Virtual Reality Again, In Amazing HD : 28-Oct-2006
Speaking Spanish in College : 7-Sep-2006
The Magical Half-Eaten Hot Dog : 14-Aug-2006
Hacking the Soda Factory : 10-Aug-2006
The Interview Hero : 4-Jul-2006
Queen Eggs and Stanford : 28-Jan-2005
Virtual Cinnamon Toast Crunch : 6-Dec-2004
Don't Worry, It's Only a Ton : 6-Dec-2004
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The accounts written here are as true as I can manage. While the words are my own, they are not independent creative works of fiction —in any intentional way. Thus I do not consider the material to be protected by anything, other than that you'd have to be crazy to want to try and use it for genuine purposes (much less disingenuous ones!) But who's to say?