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Battles in an Outdoor Mall

Date: 28-Aug-2007/12:56+3:00

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Characters: me, him, people, woman, girl, someone

At one point in a dream, a guy held up a little circular target in front of me that had lines on it. It had an odd 3-d look to it, like a hologram.
me: "It looks like a letter P."
him: "Ok then, follow me."
He started running and people started making mean comments.
people: "You'll never catch him..."
me: "Shut up, you jerks."
people: (offended) "It's part of the training. We need to say that."
me: "Oh. Fine."
I kept following the target, but at some point I'd lost him in a room full of people. I started to worry that I was going to wake up.
me: "Can somebody help me here?"
I got some odd looks and I was pointed toward an information desk in the corner. There was a woman behind the desk who morphed a lot while we spoke. A lot of our discussion was peppered with me doing various exercises to try and stay asleep.
woman: "Hey Junior, haven't seen you in a while."
me: "Junior... Junior what? What am I?"
She started a speech talking about how I was very exceptional, and it wasn't just about the on-paper measurements but something about me in particular. Though it didn't answer my question, it was very positive.
me: "That's great and all, but why not use my abilities to make a communications breakthrough? I could be the first scientifically verified medium or psychic."
When I couldn't get an answer, I sort-of rhetorically yelled and asked whether anyone else was supporting communication between worlds. A girl sitting on a bench got my attention.
girl: "Yes, there are many in the movement."
me: "Then why in my dreams am I always getting blown up or stabbed or tickled to death?"
girl: "Because you are...you are a cheap weapon."
me: "Um, cheap because I go to bed the next night and pop up somewhere else? What happens when I die here, do you have to bury me?"
girl: "Worse."
I didn't bother going into more detail.
me: "Well we've got an opportunity right here for you to give me something to take back. Show me something!"
girl: "Oh, right, a cool invention. I've got one for you."
She handed me something that looked like a patent application, but it was only the coversheet.
girl: "I thought I printed it all..."
My fingers kind of managed to produce more pages from underneath that sheet. We had started walking through some kind of outdoor mall at this point, and went inside one of the buildings. I spread the papers out and there was a gadget in a plastic bag which I presumed was the item that the application was for.
I tried reading the paper, and tried pulling the parts out of the plastic bag, but the device was indecipherable. It was some kind of multifunction drawing tool. I paced around inside the building to try and focus myself, and someone expressed surprise that I'd be able to sense when I was going to wake up.
The room was very cool and air-conditioned. I decided to walk outside where it was warmer to see if that helped me feel less like I was going to wake up.
someone: "Don't go outside!"
It was too late, and they followed me out. I tried to do some exercises to warm up, and as I was leaning over looking at the diagrams I felt some sharp pokes in my back and thought "hey, that kind of helped".
But when I looked up there was this big bug-looking-robot-thing that had speared me in the back and I presumed was trying to kill me. I managed to pull it out of me and sort of deal with it, and I pushed it back. Someone from my group blasted it with a gun. The scene quickly deteriorated into a battleground, and I tried using telekinesis-like powers to blow things up.
Although I could mentally make pieces from my art-tool-gadget fly and embed into the enemies, I could not use a wave of mind-power to make them explode or vanish. I eventually woke up, not from the obvious cause of any wound I saw or experienced.
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