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Date: 10-Sep-2007/13:28+3:00


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CAPTCHAs are getting out of control, and when I saw this style pop up on Myspace days later I was pretty much thrown back to a dream I had:
Amazingly unreadable. Looking on Google for anyone else who agreed that MySpace CAPTCHAs were insane, I found this rather interesting article (warning, turn down the sound!) which shows how much worse it might get.
I wrote the blog author the following letter.
I found your entry about future CAPTCHAs, amusing and prescient. But I couldn't find the comment button, perhaps I have to crack your new CAPTCHA to be able to? :)
I'm very concerned about the evolution of spam and web scraping, especially the reverse problem: what do we do when the computers are the smart ones and we're dumb. Imagine the music not being there to distract, but actually being part of the puzzle...like you have to synergize something about the music and the words. The sense-impaired have a tough enough time already. Have you ever actually tried one of the audio CAPTCHAs? They're tough, try the audio on this one:
I am a chronic lucid dreamer and recently journaled on the topic of a related experience:
Then coming across the Myspace CAPTCHAs today--required for every message sent to a new person--it really had a close feeling. I don't know if it's because the site doesn't trust me yet or if that's how it is for all accounts. But it made the fact that I've been getting Myspace spam seem a bit more amazing...like, who's cracking these regularly in order to send me fake profiles trying to advertise phony dating services? Does anyone take that bait? How can it be worth the work?
Food for thought. Anyway, great post, and I also really enjoyed checking out your scenemusic...it's good! I used to be very much into Purple Motion. If your blog has a comment mechanism I'm missing, let me know where it is!
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