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LS Nitrous

Date: 27-Aug-2007/10:35+3:00

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Characters: me, female voice, man, secretary

I was being served food and one of the objects on my plate was a cell phone. Something led me to pick it up and start talking to the people in the room.
me: "In my culture, this is not eaten. It is a communications device. You hold it up to your ear, like this, and talk to people. You indicate who you want to dial by typing numbers, for instance a '1' to indicate a long distance number, followed by three digits that indicate an area you want to call with 800 being a special one for numbers that do not cost money, followed by three digits that are a telephone exchange number, then four more digits indicating the final address of the number."
The people in the room indicated they understood what I had said, but I had typed in a random phone number and it started ringing. Someone answered the phone, and I was kind of surprised.
female voice: "Hello, L.S. Nitrous."
Suddenly I got kind of excited. The thought crossed my mind that if I had actually reached someone and could make some kind of coherent message, then phone company logs would provide some kind of proof or evidence of where I was calling from. I wanted to leave a good message.
me: "Hello there. Can you hear me?"
female voice: (irate) "What do you want?"
me: "I need to know if you can hear me or not, there's trouble with my connection. I'm afraid I'm in an emergency situation and my phone is not working properly, I'm unable to reach 911. I need someone to trace this call and send help."
The next thing I knew I was walking into an office building, which I somehow presumed was the offices of L/S Nitrous. A man approached me.
man: "Are you here about the wiring?"
me: "Uh, no, I'm here to make an inquiry about your phone logs."
I was told to wait on the couch. I asked for their phone number, but they were secretive about it. Someone accompanying me was one of my acquaintances from the dinner earlier, and he suggested it might be written on the phone itself. So he devised a way to casually sneak behind their counter and find out.
While he was doing that, I distracted the secretary by asking her what LS Nitrous did, and if it had anything to do with wiring.
secretary: "Oh, we sell nitrogen too."
She pulled out a spoonful of liquid nitrogen and threw it on the floor, where it started sizzling. Some of it got on the carpet and I became distracted with helping clean up the ensuing mess... then woke up.
Note Uses of the keyword combination "LS Nitrous" are many on the net, apparently referring to a model of car motor manufactured by the LifeStyle Motor corporation that can be boosted by Nitrous Oxide.
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