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Got a Zsentry in the Basement

Date: 21-Aug-2007/0:50+3:00

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Had some dark dreams, in which I began noticing a correlation between trying to tell people about historically significant events like September 11th and being attacked as a result. Some mafioso-types were telling me about a guy named Noam, who was "Julian's new money dude". Then they showed me a terminator-like robot called a "Zsentry" in a basement bunker. "Cadrenaline injections" came up somehow.
I toured some high tech places that were remakes of scenes from movies, including the elevator and Tyrell's office from Blade Runner. Saw an artificially intelligent swimming pool that would talk with you and splash you...it looked oddly familiar, like I'd been there before.
Had a conversation with some women who, after speaking with me, said they were "re-evaluating the concerns they might have had about talking to me". One said she was a medium, and she lived on Earth also. She was trying to show me paper maps and doubly verify that I knew what phone area codes went with what places. Said she was going to be at something called "Convergence", which I've vaguely heard about. Her phone number had 7364 in it.
I was chatting with someone in a textual window, we were trying to exchange information. He said his name was Stephan Dante.
Note A person with that name exists as a sort of video game player & artist.
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