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The California Loner

Date: 18-Aug-2007/13:12+3:00

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Characters: me, her

While lucid, I was speaking to some folks at a lunch counter about their resemblance to people I knew. My goal was trying to figure out if my mind was building a projection and whether that projection was meaningful or not. There was a blonde girl I did not recognize at all standing next to me in line.
me: "Hi there, what's your name?"
her: "Mickey."
me: "Oh Mickey, you're so fine! In this case, it's true. So... I'm going to ask you about manners of etiquette and conduct in parallel universes. I'm trying to understand what's going on."
I asked about sexuality and we ended up naked together. I noticed she had a tattoo of word "deeper" written in a script font. Whether it was intended to do so or not, this provoked me to start asking more questions. I held her to the ground and asked her to stay in visual contact so that I could retain her attention.
me: "Do you have an email address?"
her: "The California Loner."
me: "Okay, at... what? What's the rest of it? Gmail, Hotmail..."
her: "It's not that kind of address."
me: "Well okay, so it's your 'handle'? I mean, can I search the internet and find you through that? Well, let me break down my address for you, and I give you explicit permission to email anyone who has it. It has the nice properly that anyone you write better be cool or they're using it falsely. The first part it's a Greek prefix..."
I proceeded to give her the details of my usual non-realityhandbook network identity. She seemed to get it down, and at one point she got up.
her: "Oh no, the knots, I have to work it out."
At first I thought she was going to try and encode the information in a series of knots, as with Incan Quipu. But she was sitting with a piece of paper and writing numbers on lots of squares, it looked more like Sudoku. I thought maybe she was doing something important, but she unhappily pronounced that all the numbers were coming out the same.
me: "I have no idea what you're doing. Do you remember how to look me up?"
She was about to say something back and I awoke.
Note There is currently a profile for someone called "california.loner" on Yahoo! Answers who asked one question, which has been deleted but is in Google's Cache. The question was: "All of the times on programs and all other sites are correct except my Yahoo email account. time. Can you help me to correct this? Thank you. BTW, i'm using the older Yahoo system.")
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