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The Cat, not the Cat Study

Date: 16-Aug-2007/6:47+3:00

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Characters: me, king, band member, voice, rock, jupiter

Someone announced that I would soon be getting a call to go to San Bernardino, and this was destiny and would lead to my death. I said I'd need more proof than that. Then I amusedly started to sing Depeche Mode's cover of Route 66 which is the only time I've memorably heard San Bernandino mentioned.
I found myself flying inside of some department store that looked like a Circuit City or Best Buy. When I ended up hitting the ground, and some friends of mine were yelling at me. I rejected the notion that even if I were doing something wrong that I would be treated that way if it were really those friends...so I laughed about it and hugged them.
The scene morphed to something where a King-like person had me watch some performers with him.
me: "I'm dreaming and only have a little time to gather information. Do you have any advice for me?"
king: "You should should learn to do what Elton John did, and then you can regenerate your body. And if you think your current life is boring, that's just because you don't want to do anything."
me: "That isn't true. If circumstances were different I'd do a lot of things. I'd make music, for example."
I got all the performers to grudgingly pull out synthesizers, which were old and didn't look like they were capable of much. Still on a Depeche Mode kick, I grabbed a microphone and started sort of beatboxing Policy of Truth. The other people in the band started picking up parts of it while I sang and directed it telepathically.
band member: "Hey, the song is good this way. A lot better than the original!"
This transitioned to me reading about the release of a Depeche Mode remix album on some kind of Myspace-like site. I looked down the list of tracks to see if our jam of Policy of Truth was on it...and it was. In fine print there was a credit written to my name, where it said that if I was hard to find you had to not search just once on Google but twice. It was necessary to hit the refresh button due to the way the server worked.
It also had some information about how you had to pick which fork to use to find me. This led me to Google where I was playing with the feature that let you select the domain of the search. It was set to Alabama at first, but then as I opened the combo box it had many different universes you should select from. I browsed through them and though I don't remember what they were called, they were not US-states...they were full-on alternate branches of reality.
voice: "You have to understand what will be involved in bringing the multiverse to interface with your universe. Having information sorting tools that are capable of handling forks is critical. As soon as Sun gets some money out of the Jervais project, you'll start seeing that feature in Google. The power is diff."
Note I don't know what Jervais would be or how to spell it, but I do know that diff is a computing concept for determining the difference between two files.
An announcement was made, saying that Jupiter was about to give a speech to me from his pulpit from which he had spoken for millions of years. All I could see was this odd rock device, and I was afraid I was going to wake up before anything happened. But instead words materialized on the rock, one at a time.
rock: "That cat, not the cat study!"
Looking at the words on the rock somehow turned into a guy speaking on a stage, sort of, but I was more focused on listening to the voice.
jupiter: "That cat, not the cat study! Let me say it again: the CAT...NOT...the <u>CAT STUDY</u>!"
As the speech continued, I browsed over the strange landscape.
jupiter: "Look, you say 'Take away all the illusion and show me the truth! I want it right now! There is little yelling man made out of ice 3,000 miles away from my speaker that only I can see. Now that I know he's there, I want other people to see him, so hand him over to me now so I can show them. It's my right, because it's true!' But what do you think it's going to be like once they can see what you can see, and this 'truth' is laid out? No one will be impressed, not you and not anyone. They will just laugh and say oh, that ice guy, I went to school with him in a past life, he was always a joker..."
There was a bit more advice given here, but a false awakening and some trouble caused me to lose the tail of the lecture.
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