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What do you Mean "We", Green Man?

Date: 13-Aug-2007/14:37+3:00

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Characters: green man, me, her

I had somehow gotten in a situation where I was talking to a diseased-looking green guy who was being kept behind some kind of cell. He reached out and took my hand, and confided that he had been poisoned by the spiritual leaders.
green man: "They are afraid we will get too powerful."
me: "What do you mean by 'we'? Who exactly is 'us'?"
green man: "We are the mind people"
He faded and I found myself in a house with a lot of trash in it. I instinctively felt that there was some arrangement of this trash I had to made. A woman was there looking at me, so I addressed her.
me: "What's my name?"
her: "Howard (something)."
me: "If I'm Howard-whoever then I want to speak to (my real name)"
her: "That would be good, but you can't. I was just watching a show called 'The Way They Were' and (my real name) died at an event called Burning Man."
me: "Nope, not true."
While I was talking I was busy filtering through boxes, sorting garbage into cans. I opened a box and felt somewhat impulsively like it contained an America Online CD. But it only contained several books. Still I knew someone was trying to send me something useful, like how to get an internet connection in a box.
At this point I was annoyed with the woman and ready to leave the building, even though I felt like I was crippled...in a neck brace and walking with one leg. When I got outside there was tons of smoke and red light in the sky, and it was hard to see and hard to breathe. It seemed like some kind of disaster scene.
Note I mentally compared this disaster to the staged nuclear reactor accident which was designed to trap Truman in his fake town. The road was blocked and people in hazard suits told him he would have to go back, and tackled him when he tried to get out of the car and run past him.
Pretty much only fearing the idea that I'd wake up, I ran out into the street anyway. I ran into a fire crew and they had some amazing pedal-powered cars, where two people on the front and back could pedal it and the passengers riding in the middle didn't need to.
At first the fire crew told me to go back home, but seemed willing to let me just ride in the middle section of the vehicle. I started asking questions about how it worked, they showed me the gear train. I noticed it was asymmetrical because there was a pedal and small wheel on one side and some kind of long wheel or rail on the other, which led me to observe that the pedal side also had some kind of sail. Asking for clarification on the functions didn't get me very far but I felt I had seen something pretty amazing.
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