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Amateur surrealists

Date: 13-Aug-2007/13:22+3:00

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Characters: otto, me, man, guy

Looking in a bathroom mirror, I noticed the image was not right at all, so I must be dreaming. When I came out of the bathroom I was in an apartment with lots of people.
A guy who introduced himself as Otto grabbed me and pinned me to the ground. He started tickling me around the middle section and I thought it was going to be the end and I'd wake up. But I asked pleadingly what he was doing, why it tickled, and why it woke me up. At first he gave some answers like he thought he had told an amusing double-entendre.
otto: "It wakes you up because it is in the middle. And isn't it good to get the half?"
me: "What is that supposed to mean?"
otto: "The only reason this attack can wake you up is because you haven't had practice toughening up. I'm helping to train you and will stop when it goes too far."
Another guy was watching and suggested what the signals should be for Otto to do various awakening-stopping-operations. Once that was finished, I asked about whether they had any drugs or substances which would extend my time there.
man: "Yes, you need a hallucinogenic."
I was poured a yellow liquid into a small cup, but before I drank it someone said that I needed to mix it with another substance. When they mixed it, the result turned into a solid ice. I chomped down the ice and made a bit of a mess, but felt okay.
So I began asking many questions and griping in general about my situation. I sensed I was in someone's home and they were being nice and tolerating me, so I tried not to ruffle through too many of the drawers. I just picked up objects I saw sitting around that I might be able to ask about or study. One was an "ambient music visualizer"...device that you plugged into a stereo and would generate light patterns...I'd expected it to be fancier, but it wasn't. There were some good speeches people gave me.
man: "Your scientific establishment consists basically of amateur surrealists. They spend all their time trying to explain how all of conscious life emerged from a pool of water molecules with no outside intervention."
While inquiring about how I could bridge communications with the waking world, one guy began a rant.
guy: "We have a risky enough job already. And it's getting to be even harder now. We've lost touch with my colony in particular because of the propagation of that drug."
Note I didn't know what drug he meant. A drug that blocks you for your whole life...Flouride? A drug applied to cut lines of communication when they start, a la Lithium? More likely if it's something that has separated the people of Earth from other dimensions from the beginning it would be something we hadn't heard about.
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