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Honeybee Carry Chicken Drunk : 20-Oct-2018
Born On A Monday : 2-Jun-2018
Ether Expanded to Q-Ether : 23-May-2018
Drinking Near the DISCO Center : 11-Apr-2018
Not Just A Phone : 28-Feb-2018
And You Did It 'Til the Ennnnnnnd! : 26-Feb-2018
Cranberries are Important In Delaware : 3-Dec-2017
Tying Knots The Right Way : 29-Nov-2017
The Trendsetter : 15-Oct-2017
Cast Into An Atheist Life : 21-Sep-2017
The Future of the New York Times : 8-Jul-2017
The Matchbox Car Orgy Lesson : 25-Apr-2017
Things I Promise Never To Invent : 17-Feb-2017
Thinking Africamattically : 24-Jan-2017
The Balance Of The Water : 2-Nov-2016
Trying On A 1950's Smile : 27-Aug-2016
Only One in a Day : 28-Oct-2015
Unbridled Lust for Brutulus Prume : 28-Oct-2015
Rivelcasting and Snap-Frame Attacks : 6-Jul-2015
The Injection of Foo : 2-Dec-2014
The K Guys : 18-Nov-2014
Shower Sex With J.C.Penney : 25-Oct-2014
Moving to Ed's Land : 21-Sep-2014
Acquired By Honda : 12-Sep-2014
Ben: The Cat Who Couldn't Dance : 7-Sep-2014
Small Chopsticks for Your Rice : 7-Sep-2014
Hotmail International Distrubuted Mail Archive : 17-Aug-2014
It isn't You, it isn't Me, it isn't Fee. : 13-Aug-2014
Being Noticed In Captured Experiences : 19-Jul-2014
Touching the TV Camera : 2-May-2014
Deeper, deeper, deeper... : 17-Apr-2014
Coursonaggoni : 8-Jan-2014
Jesus Won't Move the City : 29-Dec-2013
Hypnotic Polytransformational Holography : 27-Dec-2013
The Sacred Copy : 13-Dec-2013
Adam and Eve were Gresque : 8-Dec-2013
A Protective Ring for the Food Lion channel : 14-Sep-2013
The X, Y, Z, and Nudity Axes : 14-Sep-2013
He's Not That Kind : 4-Jul-2013
Spicy Ketchup and Pus : 12-Jan-2013
Rihanna and My Boxer Shorts : 26-Jun-2012
Aynkh's Chat Room : 3-Jun-2012
Technology 4gorillas : 27-Apr-2012
The Fractal Cube Press Conference : 20-Mar-2012
The Deprecation of Glade 9 : 6-Feb-2012
The Aging Powers : 13-Dec-2010
Now You Really *ARE* Going Crazy : 27-Oct-2010
You Can Live in the Past, or You Can Live in the Future... : 30-Aug-2010
Pocky vs Mac : 30-Aug-2010
Floating Lips in the Mirror : 25-Apr-2010
My Personal Hypta : 2-Apr-2010
Sorry for the Inconvenience : 11-Jan-2010
Carketing, Not Science! : 7-Dec-2009
Jesus Gave Me My Own TV Station : 19-Oct-2009
A Total Mind-Core : 12-Aug-2009
The Quid : 10-Jul-2009
Feng Shui Kua : 28-Jun-2009
The Purple Rhino Trump Card : 22-Jun-2009
Cube, Sphere, Pyramid : 19-Jun-2009
The Interdimensional Billionaire Faces Divergent Air Gravity : 25-May-2009
God's IT department : 20-Apr-2009
Holes in the Python Code : 20-Apr-2009
Neurally-Activated Music and Cold French Fries : 1-Apr-2009
Vines Growing on a Gazebo : 1-Apr-2009
Cheating Video Arcades : 30-Mar-2009
Lunar Stencils : 30-Mar-2009
Judgment in This Particular Scrimmage : 21-Feb-2009
Cloning and IHOP : 7-Feb-2009
We're All Just Here To Be Laughed At : 3-Feb-2009
REXEL Sliding Blocks : 28-Jan-2009
Possibly Rewriting the Rulebook : 14-Jan-2009
Talk Reality To Me : 17-Nov-2008
Mentalife : 30-Oct-2008
Realityhandbook vs. Predator : 29-Oct-2008
The Sun Burning Out Earlier Than Expected : 15-Oct-2008
Meter maid sex : 10-Oct-2008
The Company : 7-Oct-2008
World on Fire : 1-Oct-2008
HHH-HHH-HHH : 30-Sep-2008
Arrows on the Ceiling, Arrows on the Floor : 22-Sep-2008
Danielle The Medium : 3-Sep-2008
Evil Knievel Times : 31-Aug-2008
Noi Si Cerul : 25-Aug-2008
Pilfering Soccer Balls : 13-Aug-2008
Willard Scott: You're on my list! : 10-Aug-2008
Life in the Cuddly Zone : 16-Jul-2008
Bambos and Bambots : 8-Jul-2008
Maisse's Anthropormorphic Mushrooms : 13-Jun-2008
Let God be Your Preservative : 26-May-2008
Sour Grapes of the Future : 13-May-2008
Eating Time : 23-Apr-2008
M.A.G.I.C. and Scholarships : 23-Apr-2008
15% and the Frito Balloon : 10-Apr-2008
Context and the New Alliance of Souls : 6-Apr-2008
Amaducci : 3-Mar-2008
Channeling the Sunshine : 3-Mar-2008
Brotherhood of Iron Eleven Shoes : 25-Feb-2008
Always chasing after FM : 19-Feb-2008
Amazing Feats of the Mind People : 15-Feb-2008
The Motions of Writing : 29-Jan-2008
The Facet Logic of Linear Time : 24-Nov-2007
Verified for Life : 31-Oct-2007
Bug Sign Language Alphabet : 12-Oct-2007
Greek Gods and Printer Drivers : 9-Oct-2007
Carl Sarranack and Powdered Barbecue Sauce : 7-Oct-2007
Neras on the Forehead : 23-Sep-2007
Hope Springs Eternal : 23-Sep-2007
Weird Al and the Zoo : 17-Sep-2007
Mickey Mouse and Mickey D's are Not The Same : 15-Sep-2007
Battles in an Outdoor Mall : 28-Aug-2007
The California Loner : 18-Aug-2007
Amateur surrealists : 13-Aug-2007
(A)pple (D)og (A)pple (M)ountain : 19-Jul-2007
The Tooth Fairy and Greens+ Bars : 13-Jul-2007
Extended Visit to the Ether : 13-Jul-2007
Tracking a Triangle : 13-Jun-2007
There are no 'machines'. There are only men. : 6-Jun-2007
The Witch Box Head Speaker : 24-Apr-2007
Living Without Consequences : 24-Apr-2007
Ana Ng : 20-Apr-2007
Chimera's Morphing Architecture : 20-Jan-2007
Calibration Through a Drawing Exercise : 20-Jan-2007
Avoiding the Evisceration : 11-Dec-2006
Furin's Fogscreen : 11-Dec-2006
The Universe According to Pringles : 2-Dec-2006
Even in the Perfect Matrix Future, there's Bad Typography : 2-Dec-2006
Every Day It's the Same Thing, Different Faces With No Names : 16-Nov-2006
Mattel and J.C. Penney's : 30-Aug-2006
Property in Rainier : 28-Aug-2006
Psychokinetic Potential of 1 in 15 : 27-Aug-2006
My Claymation Audiopad Lesson : 21-Aug-2006
There is no Blackberry, only Z00l : 18-Aug-2006
The Magical Half-Eaten Hot Dog : 14-Aug-2006
Sun and Oracle and Aliens : 10-Aug-2006
The Interview Hero : 4-Jul-2006
French-Speaking Alter Egos : 25-Jun-2006
Ride The Mirror : 4-Jun-2006
Dream Cell Phone Calls to Dream Mexico : 4-Jan-2006
Express Yourself With Rubber Bands and Pencils : 3-Dec-2005
The Very Scary Empty Closet : 7-Jul-2005
My First Lucid Dream (circa late '97 or very early '98) : 7-Nov-1997
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