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Weird Al and the Zoo

Date: 17-Sep-2007/12:05+3:00

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Characters: me, mom, people, al, him

I was in a room that was being video recorded and run through effects, objects that were being translated into LEGOs in real-time through video compositing. Weird Al Yankovic was there, and so was my mom.
One guy was asking about whether I knew how to composite video. I didn't answer, but asked about how they were selecting which objects to put the effects on. H said it was all the green objects... but reiterated asking me whether I knew how to composite video.
me: "Yes, but I wouldn't write it myself if I could avoid it. I'd use a pre-existing tool."
mom: "He doesn't abide by nondisclosure, anything you tell him he'll tell everyone."
me: "I am a believer in free software and open source philosophy. And I won't work on something if I can't retain access to that work as well as give it to others."
We left the room and there was a bit of runaround. This assistant and Weird Al were going through a rather modern complex of office buildings, and the employee cafeteria. I was disoriented and felt like I was having a job interview and screwing up by not being able to keep up. I also didn't know where to return dirty dishes I was done with... a wine glass fell on the carpet off of my tray and I tried to go get a wet towel from the bathroom to mop it up.
Wondering what was taking me so long, they came back to the cafeteria to get me and expressed surprise that I was fretting over this wine spot. Trying to follow them I ended up in the wrong elevator, and the people in that one pointed out I shouldn't be there.
people: "Aren't you supposed to go to building 3?"
They gave me directions. There were something like 7 floors in the building, and it was overall quite vast.
I woke up after this, but decided to go back to sleep and ended up in a similar looking circumstance. Once again I was looking at the source videos for where the LEGO patterns had come from. It was some TV documentary that close ups of lots of LEGOs. Weird Al was there again, and grabbed me and pulled me onto a couch.
me: "What did you want to meet with me about earlier?"
al: "I've been thinking about what you have been saying."
me: "About what?"
al: "About coming clean and explaining what's happening to you... explaining paranormal things like this, disclosing the technology."
me: (suddenly excited) "Why wouldn't you?!"
al: "No one will like me anymore."
me: "When people get into a mindset of realizing that there are teams and technologies behind things they had prior attributed to individuals, they will form teams themselves... they will be less alone... you would be liked, but for different things."
him: "No, the only thing I'll be good for is to be put in a zoo."
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