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Every Day It's the Same Thing, Different Faces With No Names

Date: 16-Nov-2006/17:54+3:00

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Characters: me

I managed to stay in a pleasant dream in a dance club, where I could both dance normally and fly. One girl in particular seemed drawn to me.
We talked a bit, but I was able to get her to write down my name and nickname onto a pad of paper. She didn't get it quite right at first, but editing tools that looked like a word processor kicked in and she fixed it up to get the missing letters.
me: "Wow. I can't believe this...usually when I say my name out loud, I get attacked. But no one's being vicious, the environment isn't panicked. This is stunning. What is your name?"
The girl showed me her ID, which had a photo but was conspicuously missing a name.
Note I often fret about whether or not the creatures I meet in dreams have been given individual identities even when they have the intelligence to deserve them...if you ask a butterfly its name, what would it say?
I kissed her. Then I noticed that the DJ seemed upset, because he thought his music set had too many bad songs.
me: (to DJ) "Oh, no. This is all very good, I think you've got a great environment here, a really good vibe. In fact, all of you are pretty awesome."
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