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Avoiding the Evisceration

Date: 11-Dec-2006/22:46+3:00

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Characters: customer, psychic, me, man

Note I made it a point to try falling asleep on my back, to see what effect that had on my lucidity. I usually find it difficult to sleep that way, but somehow I succeeded.
I was watching a conversation someone was having with a psychic. The setting reminded me something of the areas in department stores where make-up and perfume are sold.
customer: "I really need your services, but I have very little money."
psychic: "I'd charge you $10."
customer: "Is there anything you can do for $1?"
me: "I hate to interrupt, and I don't really have anything to offer. But I'd appreciate anything you could tell me or show me about where I am. Physically I'm in a lot of pain, and I'm quite disoriented."
Someone offered me a lotion that I put on the back of my neck, which led me to feel better. A man walking by approached me from the back, and I was afraid he was going to do one of the dreaded "tickle attacks" that tend to wake me up. But I realized he was just looking at me in a concerned manner.
me: "When I'm attacked from behind, what is happening?"
man: "You need to stay away from those places. When that happens, you are being eviscerated."
me: "Oh. Well unfortunately, I have no control over where I wind up when I dream. It's like I just pop into places at random!"
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