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Roadside Bananas

Date: 13-Dec-2006/17:04+3:00

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Characters: me, her

I was at some kind of carnival booth, where people would get inside and be observed through a pane of glass. The booth had a row of buttons you could choose from for simulating effects, so that to it would appear to observers that the people inside the booth were made out of different materials. Porcelain was one example.
As the outside people looked in, I pushed lots of random buttons. Inside the booth there was a screen so you could see what the people outside saw. By the time I stepped back outside I realized I was in a dream. I walked up to one of the girls who had been in the crowd.
me: "Are you feeling all right, can I ask you some questions?"
her: "Sure."
me: "Where are we right now?"
her: "We're at Mr. [name]'s Roadside Bananas."
me: "Can you say that more slowly?"
her: (slowly) "We're at Mr. [name]'s Roadside Bananas."
Note I still couldn't catch the name, but the Roadside Bananas was more clear. Though bananas can be slang for 'crazy', something about the way she said it insinuated that Bananas was some kind of word she was using to mean carnival.
me: "When you use the term 'Bananas', is that your way of saying 'Park'?"
her: "Yes."
me: "Do you find it unusual that I don't know where we are, and that I don't know what you're talking about? To me, it seems as if I just suddenly appeared here. This is a dream."
She didn't respond.
me: "Do you or the other people here feel very sure of how you got here? Would you expect all these other people would also agree that this is a 'Roadside Bananas'?"
her: "I'd assume so, although I hadn't really thought about it."
me: "Well if you asked me where I was from, I might say the United States of America..."
Note As soon as I said these words, I suddenly felt a very tough force pushing me out of the dream.
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