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Cube, Sphere, Pyramid

Date: 19-Jun-2009/14:32+3:00

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Characters: guy, me, girl one, girl two

I was on a dancefloor of some sort, dancing with two girls and one guy. We were enjoying the music, and at one point, I dropped to do a weird move and began to hum.
guy: "Well, the move is cool... but never add your own soundtrack."
me: "What are you talking about? Of course you can."
girl one: "Yeah, that's the best part!"
me: "Right on!"
I pulled the girl who had said that in to dance with me, but things got awkward. Contextually I kind of felt like there was a situation where the other girl was my "girlfriend" and so this was being deemed inappropriate.
Realizing I didn't know these people at all and was dreaming, I started to stomp off. They followed after me. We wound up in a car, I was in the back seat with girl #2.
me: "You like to use the word 'ego'. Can't you let go of it? On a dancefloor it's just a trivial inconvenience, but my point is that in the scheme of things--it can be life or death. Practice not being a trivial person in these scenarios and it will apply elsewhere."
girl two: "Sounds great in theory...I mean, Marla says she's a hedonist. And it works about 1/3 of the time. The rest of the time, she goes nuts."
Note I don't know anyone named Marla, and that might not have been the name used.
me: "Whatever. Hm, hey, despite being asleep I can totally read this magazine here. It's something from Stanford University. Are my hands moving?"
girl two: "Nope, you look totally asleep to us."
me: "Great. Okay, I'll read it to you."
I began to narrate the section headings as I flipped through it. They were written in white text in the upper right corner of the page. Girl #2 seemed to have her own copy to compare with me. I turned to a page which had a logo for a corporation called "ELX"...it was in white on the page--but a small photo of a cement barrier had the McDonalds logo above it in white, and the ELX logo in red beneath it.
me: "Oh, ELX. What are you? Red? White? Get your act together, people, we don't have all day!"
girl two: (laughing) "Yeah, yeah...check out the stuff for ECA."
I turned the page and saw some crazy renderings of the Electronic Arts logo in 3D. It was modeled after the classic version--not the current "EA" logomark:
me: "Oh, yeah...the Cube/Sphere/Pyramid thing. Saw it when I was a kid, but they aren't using that where I'm from anymore."
Note I never noticed the profound similarity of the "C" in the old ECA logo to the AT&T "death star" logo until just now.
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