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The Universe According to Pringles

Date: 2-Dec-2006/23:00+3:00

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Characters: neighbor, me

I was speaking with my current neighbor, but we were in the building I used to live in. He was talking about flavored Pringles he had picked up at a store, and holding the various cans up to show me.
neighbor: "You can tell something is wrong with how the Universe is being presented to us just by looking at the price tags. Just look at the price tags. Despite the variations in the ingredients to make the different flavorings, the cost of each can is exactly the same. Thus we can deem that the cost is arbitrary. If the cost is arbitrary, why is it not arbitrarily set at zero."
He spun the label to the other side.
neighbor: "Furthermore, notice that there is no way--given only one of these cans--to maintain a permanent connection to the source so that you can obtain more of them in the future if you wish."
me: (shocked) "Wow! You're totally speaking my language, here!"
Then I was woken up by someone at the door.
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