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Proximity Inertia

Date: 3-Dec-2006/15:30+3:00

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Characters: me, parents, dad

I was playing a rather tedious kung-fu arcade game in a pizza place. It had conventional controls, but also had a mode where players could gesture at the screen to make the character kick or punch. It felt like I was losing pretty badly to the computer, but when I looked at the number of lives I had left it was so ridiculously large that I decided to give up instead of continue.
There was a little collection plate sitting on the game cabinet. It had a mixture of coins and lima beans in it, and it seemed the coins were turning into lima beans. A note on it said: "Please donate to help raise money to get the registered version of Magic: The Gathering on this console!"
I took the bowl to my parents, who were at a table nearby.
me: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a bowl of lima beans."
parents: "Yes, that's a bowl of beans."
me: "Well it was sitting on top of that arcade game, as if it were for collecting money...and I saw it had coins in it one moment, and beans the next. I want to put a coin in here, and we're going to see what happens. My bet it's going to turn into another bean."
My Dad and I went into the next room, found a penny, and put it in the bowl and stirred. As I stirred it, the beans just kind of turned into some kind of spice but the penny remained solid and just got dirty with the spice on it. Then, suddenly, a series of bright shiny dimes fanned out underneath the penny...dozens of them hung stuck together in a chain from the penny when I picked it up. We took the bowl back in to show my mother.
dad: (excited) "It made dimes out of nowhere, from a penny. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself!"
me: "We have to perform more tests. Here's a theory about how these dream objects work--maybe pennies and dimes are very close abstractions in the mind, so it is possible to produce one from the other. Or maybe the penny had been near a lot of dimes and was manifesting that memory by summoning dimes...some kind of 'proximity inertia'."
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