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He's Not That Kind

Date: 4-Jul-2013/14:48+3:00

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Characters: me, woman

I was in the bathroom of my apartment, trying to flush the toilet. It started overflowing, and I opened the back of it. It was verging on overflowing and the water was spiraling in a way that was unnatural enough that I clicked into lucidity. As I did, a strange jade-colored structure start to raise out of the back of the toilet. It had gold lines decorating it, and looked like kind of a squareish vase.
Keeping calm, I decided to see if I could mentally shape the vase and adjust its course as it rose; sort of like it was on a potters wheel. Though I didn't touch it, I could mold it and move it as it rose. It looked relatively cool and centered (for something that rose out of the back of the toilet.) I held up my hand toward it.
me: (laughing) "All right, gimme five!"
A somewhat skeletal hand which felt like jade and was matched to the coloring of the vase popped out and high-fived me. I was startled, but regained composure.
me: "Okay, then. Hmmm... so if I can control things with my mind, can we do better than this? How about an attractive girl instead of a... uh, toilet vase?"
I turned the other direction and there was a short-haired woman wearing a skin-tight outfit. It looked kind of like the costumes from Tron Legacy, except matching the jade and gold color scheme instead of black with blue or red lines.
me: "Not bad, but I kind of like hair to be longer and straight."
The woman kind of morphed a bit so she had longer hair. The rest stayed about the same.
me: "That's closer. But can you do other outfits, a bit more skin? Let's say, how the girls are dressed in the Studio B "I see girls" music video, for instance? Can you look things up on YouTube?"
woman: "I don't have access to your Internet--he's not that kind. You'd have to show me."
Note I'm not certain what the intonation of "he's not that kind" meant; as if someone wasn't giving her/it information because they weren't nice, or if this statement was meant to convey something about something not being the sort of entity that could or would provide such access. Also I don't remember if I saw her mouth move in the communication, or if it was just "thought at me".
me: "Well this place is acting like my apartment. If we leave the bathroom, will the computers work? What will come up in the browser?"
The girl followed me out of the bathroom toward the bed, where a girl was asleep. The girl in the bed remained asleep as I picked up my laptop and started it, but only got a few keystrokes in before I woke up next to the second girl.
Note That one had been in the bed with me when I went to sleep, so that's not supernatural or anything. The continuity of being in the dream is the weird bit in that case.
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