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Everyone but God is Pro-Prima

Date: 14-Sep-2013

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Characters: me, military man

I was outside of a house with a glass sliding door, that had a swimming pool. I was having a hard time telling if I was in the pool or not in the pool, but there were sharks in it. There was a vague instinctual feeling that this was the house of a drug dealer and that he threw his enemies in the pool to be eaten by the sharks. I wanted to go inside to get away.
When I went inside, the layout was like coming into the sliding glass doors of the place I'm currently living. For a reason I don't understand, I had a used condom in my hand; I vaguely remembered something sexual happening before, but not too well. I went to throw it away in the garbage can... but when I did I noticed the garbage can was just like the one I have (large, red, cylindrical... fancy one from the container store) except it was shorter.
Noticing the trash can was the same but different cued me into realizing I was dreaming. I stepped back and looked at it.
me: (musing to myself) "Now... why would it be the same but smaller? If this is a reflection of my reality, what would be the point?"
I opened it to see it contained not garbage, but candy. Another identical can was a few feet away so I opened it and it contained cigarette butts, but had a lower chamber. I put the condom in the lower part, then thinking it might be gross if discovered, I dumped the ash from the top chamber on top of it.
A man wearing a military outfit was sitting down against a wall, and wanting answers I went to speak to him.
me: "Hi there. I'm..."
military man: "I know who you are. You're Brian. I'm Major (name)"
Note He said a name I don't remember, but introduced himself with a military title.
He ambiguously addressed either me or another person in the room.
military man: "We're going to need a warranty on this to proceed."
Note He said warranty, not warrant, I'm pretty sure.
me: "I can't really get you anything in this state, but can you answer my questions?"
military man: "Go ahead, shoot."
me: "What is this? What's going on?"
military man: "Well, there's sort of a pro-prima thing in play. Do you know what pro-prima means?"
me: "No..."
military man: "It's just basic behavior, acting without choice. Like animals. I'm of the philosophy that the only person who can act with choice is God. The rest of us... just running the script."
me: "Pro-prima? Hm, never heard that. Well, is this a more 'true' or 'real' reality than when I'm awake, or less?"
military man: "Pro-prima, you got it right. Anyway... as far as I can tell or anyone can, the levels are stacked infinitely and spiral without any limit. I blame God for having a reckless moment--planting the seed just to see what would happen. Perhaps He was bored, but it's no excuse. Either way, He made this mess, and it's only He who can fix it. Let's hope He does. Either way, you aren't going to be able to do anything about it. So stop burning yourself out trying."
me: "But okay, let's just talk frame of reference. Do you have a physical body which is asleep? Mine is in... ummm... North Carolina right now, for instance, on an air mattress..."
When I mentioned these details his mouth caved in, in sort of a mummified way so he could not answer and he seemed to die out. I waited and watched but he did not revive. And I woke up.
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