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The X, Y, Z, and Nudity Axes

Date: 14-Sep-2013

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Characters: woman, me

I kept getting lost and walking into places and then turning around and not seeing what was behind me be consistent with what I walked through.
There was a part where I got lost and confused and started asking for help, but someone helped turn my head to the left and right and sort of "look around" what seemed to be a TV.
woman: "What you're looking at right there is recorded, they won't respond."
Note This reminded me of the troublehacking for what to do when you are being chased by a giant mechanical spider piloted by Kenneth Branaugh, and the advice is to realize that you are watching a movie.
me: "Ah this reminds me of a YouTube video about not being able to see side to side of the TV. But I am used to modeling things in three dimensions, so it's kind of like how if you're used to seeing things in two dimensions you wouldn't notice the dimension of the TV itself."
Since I was being helped, I decided to try calibrating.
me: "Okay, so some of the objects act like I'm used to and others don't. Let me show you the dimensions I know."
I went through establishing an X, Y, and Z coordinate frame by pointing in the directions and explaining that anything I could move around in 3 dimensions could be located in terms of that.
me: "So how many extra dimensions do you see, or what?"
woman: "The extra 'dimensions' aren't what you think. They're not spatial...they're more like 'tags' or 'ideas'. Here, let me move along one."
She sort of leapt and seemed to transform into an image on a television. It showed the bottom half of the backside of an attractive swimsuit model in a bikini. The model began pulling down the lower half of her bikini bottom.
me: "Um, nudity? bikini?"
The model reached down and started rubbing her hands between her legs.
me: "Sex? Masturbation?"
There were some other non-sexual-oriented transformations, and I continued guessing what that axis was; a bit like charades. I'd guess a few and then she'd move on to something else until I awoke.
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