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Sorry for the Inconvenience

Date: 11-Jan-2010/15:20+3:00

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Characters: me, man in black, girl

I'd been having a relatively friendly conversation with some guys in some kind of pool hall. While we were speaking, I could tell there was a man dressed in all black sneaking up on me to attack. Reflexively I grabbed him and pinned his hands behind his back on a pool table. He started wriggling out of my hold and attacking me with a needle.
me: "This again. I've been thinking about it and I've realized it's not me who's confused. Maybe I don't know who I am but I know what I am, and I know what you are."
man in black: (snarling) "Oh, what am I?"
me: "A coward."
Instead of attacking him, I gave him a hug and a kiss as the room went all black.
Rather than waking up in bed I was in some kind of console room with what looked like a mixing board. I began poking various things that didn't look like buttons but were lit up. My view was down over a large factory-seeming room with people in it who were either very tiny or my viewpoint was extremely high. There was a microphone so I picked it up and spoke into it.
me: (into mic) "Um, testing. Hi, can you guys hear me down there?"
The miniature people acknowledged me, and they held up signs with one and two-digit numbers on them.
me: "Okay so, uh... why don't we organize this a bit. It looks like you each have a number. If you can hear me and think you know where I am then get in a line and hold the signs to face me."
They complied in a somewhat orderly fashion, but I could now see that some of the signs had more complex expressions on them.
me: "Good. Now, why don't you try arranging yourself left to right so that the numbers are in order."
Chaos ensued. They seemed to be stuck in some kind of elevator and were scrambling with no real seeming purpose.
me: "That didn't work very well. All right, why don't you guys come forward towards me and get out of that elevator. Just keep walking forwards and... no, don't let the elevator door close... just come forward and... well some of you have it right, but some of you are still stuck in the elevator. Um, watch out for, uh oh... well why don't the five of you who made it out of the elevator come to where I am."
They did walk toward me, but they were stil tiny. I felt like I was floating above all of them in some kind of giant Zeppelin, but it was somehow connected to the ground with wheels. We all went rolling down these vast corridors in some kind of warehouse with many ramps.
me: "So long as we're rolling around in this giant warehouse, can anyone give me any background on where we are? Who you are? Who I am to you? That sort of thing."
My point of view shifted to where I was in a body and walking with a red-haired girl through a vast room with high ceilings. It was like a place you'd use to make airplanes, but there were several pieces of medical equipment. She motioned me to sit on a cushioned examination table.
girl: "To answer your question, this place once housed one of our projects. But there was a fire and most everything burned. We're finally getting things together and rebuilding it, a very exciting time!"
me: "I don't remember any of this."
girl: "Of course not, you're going to have to wait till tonight."
me: "Nothing's going to happen tonight. It's going to be the same as always, same day, same life, no one comes..."
girl: "No. I said 'you'll just have to wait till you die'."
me: (angry) "Why should I have to die to get any information out of anyone?"
She seemed to stop and listen, as if someone were telling her what to say. Then she turned back to me.
girl: (smiling) "...she said to to tell you 'sorry for the inconvenience'."
me: (sarcastically) "Hmph, 'God's final words to mankind.'"
girl: "What? Oh, the Hitchhiker's Guide...I see."
Note That was actually God's final words to "creation" in the Hitchhiker's Guide.
At this point it felt like we'd started moving and sliding around the room, I was holding onto her but it seemed a bit like her head was immersed in a bag of orange liquid.
me: "What about the people who are always attacking me in dreams, with injections and things?"
girl: "Truth be told, we don't know why they do it. But it's a chemical, you can take something every morning and it can be counteracted. MO for instance."
me: "Magnesium? Or wait... that's Mg."
Note MO is actually Molybdenum. It's a trace element and does have some biological purpose as a trace nutrient, but you aren't supposed to have very much of it. Apparently a Molybdenum deficiency is unheard of.
girl: "There's also Supivina."
me: "Su-pi-vi-na?"
girl: "Don't ask me why they call it that, but yes."
The room seemed to become more crowded, and she pointed to a guy walking past.
girl: "That's Matt, he used to work on TV commercials and I'm looking forward to you meeting him."
me: "Are the people here from the same Earth I'm from? Or, wait, is my Earth the first? Can you give me any more information..."
I woke up around this point.
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