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Only One in a Day

Date: 28-Oct-2015/23:06:09-4:00

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Characters: voice, me, woman, cartoon rolf, puppet rolf, cartoon

I was in a small old apartment and I could hear an ex-girlfriend who I had lived with talking on the phone to her mother. I was in bed and groggy, I got up enough to go over to her and put my head in her lap. We had parted on bad terms but for some reason she was back, and wasn't lucid about it.
She was wearing fairly heavy winter clothing. I was laying in her lap and it felt like she was shivering and I didn't know why. But I realized her cat was also with us, making the shuddering. I laid there a bit until there was someone else opening the door on us.
voice: "Why doesn't Brian get up when we knock on the door?"
I got up to see who it was, and it was my dad, looking well (he's been in the hospital).
me: "You're up and walking..."
I followed and went down some stairs, and it seemed several family members were there. I was disoriented as to how all this was happening and I heard the voice of my dead grandmother. So I went to look and was verging on lucid to declare it a dream, but the person the voice belonged to didn't look like her...just another older woman sitting in a chair.
Feeling a little questioning of how stable and vibrant things were seeming, I noticed the house and kitchen were nice, and unfamiliar. Some other person who looked vaguely like a relative I couldn't place started to talk to me.
me: "There's no such kitchen connected with the apartment in which I used to live, and I didn't go to bed there, and this is a dream."
I went to force myself out of it, annoyed by long chains of false awakenings from previous dreams, and she went "HEY, WAIT..."
Somehow it was like I was grabbed to be kept in the dream a moment longer.
woman: "What if that 'life' you keep going back to is the dream you can't wake up from? How much do you know about what's real? The universe is large and complicated enough that I think it would be safe to say that you may not know what-is-what anywhere near as well as you think you do."
It drowned out since I'd tried to wake up but I decided to phase back into it to see if there was a completion of that thought. I returned to the dream scenario sort of entangled, like in a loose ball made of tweed.
me: (calling to nearby moving shape) "Hey can you help me out of this??"
The being who came to my aid pulled me out of it, and walked off. He looked like a 3D living form of a character from the Street Fighter video games.
I wasn't in the same seeming house, and everyone looked like cartoon characters. One looked a bit like a muppet cartoon, perhaps Rolf. But as it talked to me it began phasing from one bit of gibberish to another in a panic about threats against what kind of character it was.
cartoon rolf: "And there's an ink shortage so cartoons aren't getting drawn and the paper is getting damaged by time..."
puppet rolf: (shreiking) "...and did you hear on the news, they're cutting up puppets and making them into carpet!"
me: "I've heard this line of argumentation before, and sure we're puppets perhaps of a kind...with more resilient puppeteers above. But the world I live in is a fairly persistent and disturbing illusion, hard to break free of and not easy to point anyone to much evidence."
Parts of the puppet began to replace in an uncanny way to be the woman I was talking before. But it looked as if her head was popping out of its ear to replace it.
She moved to be on a TV speaking to me, and a music video began playing showing all kind of morphs. It was a bit of a colorful cross between Michael Jackson's "Black or White" and Peter Gabriel's "Sledge Hammer" visually, but not musically.
The chorus kept repeating "One in a Day" and it was about how you can change a lot from anything to anything, but only be one thing at a time. I don't remember the lyrics besides the chorus, but I might very roughly paraphrased it as:
You can be a man or a woman,
or a boat or an airplane...
However you want to play,
But you're only one in a day...
...one in a day.
...one in a day.
After the music stopped and the talking picked back up, the TV had cartoon characters on it. One looked kind of like a giant exclamation point with a face on it.
cartoon: "Work on it more! Think about how to change this shape, make it red or green... or tall or short."
It did some little stretches but didn't seem to change those things as I heard them and thought them. So I looked at the cartoon character and it looked at me, as I thought at it (but did not "say"): explode...and I visualized it exploding.
cartoon: (pausing, then exploding) "...exploooooode!"
me: "I was not trying to harm anything, it just seemed like it might be an easy thing to try to telepathically convey. I could probably guess if someone thought that just by how they looked at something."
That character was gone, but there were two other silent cartoon characters looking at me, dancing on the screen. They had fairly wide bodies. I looked to the side and realized a copy of those two cartoon characters were sort of "holographically" dancing next to the TV as well, outside of it.
me: "What's the point of having them on the TV as well as off of it, if anything can be rendered in this environment? Why bother with the TV? I get the point without it."
There was no answer and I awoke.
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