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Unbridled Lust for Brutulus Prume

Date: 28-Oct-2015/22:39:30-4:00

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Characters: woman, me, guy

Having awoken from another dream segment, I was pulled back into it rather abruptly from the darkness up by a woman with long dark hair in a sheer white gown of some kind. She embraced me and we seemed to fall back on some kind of stairway, with me on top of her.
woman: "I want you to get a feeling for it, of unbridled lust for me. Try as hard as you can."
me: (exhausted) "I...well you're very attractive, but this is not really the best time for me mood-wise, just in life."
We did embrace a bit and I asked her a question about what her name was. We went back and forth from where she would say a word and I would say it back, which started as me hearing it as Brutus Plume, but corrected it to what sounded like Brutulus Prume
There is a boss monster in World of Warcraft apparently, which lists "Brutallous" as the name of an Orc Warrior with knives for hands. She was better looking than him.
woman: (wistfully) "You should have stayed with Emily longer, I liked that. That could have been fun. But you have a tendency to go talking and thinking off in a direction and then it just winds up ending. I never thought jinxes were real and people had them, but you might."
I have dated two girls named Emily in my life, and she clarified she was referring to the second--by name. She was someone who believed she was a channeler, so interesting she would be mentioned by an entity seeming to talk about possession.
During this time she was holding me and I was sort of examining her body under the fabric. It was a little strangely shaped.
woman: (directing me to her shoulders) "I always get the ones with these upper arms that are larger than I'd like. I'd like to get a girl who is narrower above the elbows, looks better."
me: "So...then...who am I?"
She laughed.
woman: "You know those refrigerator magnet dolls that come with the outfits you can put on them...little pieces that come on the square of magnet? I think your main character modality is what's left after the pieces are taken out. You dress up as all the shapes at once, in a white outline."
We were laying on this ground and it seemed like there was a gate and people approaching us looking down at us.
guy: (laughing) "Jeez, looks like he's going to sinbox her right there."
I'd not heard the term as a slang, but unsurprisingly it is used sexually, though not seemingly as a verb.
I got up and rearranged our clothes.
me: "Ummm... sorry, I... don't really know the conventions here. Being asleep and all. But perhaps there's some way I could stay longer..."
And then I woke up (which sucks, because it would be a good time to not be coming back.)
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