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Vivi the Mayor Misses Me

Date: 27-Oct-2015/23:06:09-4:00

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Characters: me, young man, clerk, bird dinosaur

I was walking into someplace fairly DMV-like, where you needed to take a number and there was a 'now serving' ticker. I seemed to have gotten either 4A or A4, but it seemed to flicker back and forth.
There were a lot of cubicles, but a person only in a few of them. It seemed there weren't a lot of people there and that my 4A was up, but then when I would turn around it would all change. Suddenly there were a lot of people.
I seemed to have dropped my card on the floor among some others, and suddenly there were a ton of white credit card numbered things. Some with high numbers, some with low.
A young man stepped up to me as I was picking up one of the cards, and pulled my arm away and took the low-numbered one.
me: (annoyed) "Ummm... are you sure that card is yours."
young man: (unexpressedly) "I'm with the Good Samaritans, so I get to go first."
Though that may sound very much like something a Good Samaritan would not do, I guess it depends on what you're going in for. And I didn't know. So we'll hold off assumptions.
me: "I don't know what these cards are for, and it's like everything is just random."
young man: (pointing) "Yes, well there is a lot of terrorism here."
He had pointed at something glued to a post, which was an envelope that was an unfolded credit card mailing. The credit card had been cut in half and taped in such a way to cover both the sending and return address portions. I took it down and took the credit cards off...it seemed to have my name and an address on it.
I made my way up to one of the counters, still not knowing about the order or why I was there.
me: "I don't know why I'm here, and I'm...like, asleep. But if there's a reason, this was stuck on the wall with the credit cards covering the address. If it's mail for me, I never got it."
clerk: (examining it) "Oh, then this is for you."
He handed me a black square card. It was addressed to my name and said it was a "message from the mayor". The black reflective writing was hard to read on the black surface of the card.
It was hard to open the card, but when I did...it unfolded like a popup book where it was black interlocking mesh. The mesh was woven in a way to say "I miss you." and it said "Love, VIVI" where VIVI was written in bright pink.
me: (asking around) "Who is Vivi?"
I asked this question around a while, eventually getting an answer from a bird-dinosaur looking thing that "actually, it was Vivi who got you in trouble", though that was later.
I made my way out to a lobby where I was seemingly attacked and tripped by a small boy running by at me. Though I almost woke up, I didn't. So I lay on the floor and I noticed a brightly plumed bird on a perch. It seemed to wobble and fall backwards on the ground a short distance from where I was laying.
me: (to bird) "Hey! Are you okay!"
The bird got up, and it seemed to grow and morph a bit more into a dinosaur. It got a bit scary looking, but stopped and looked at me.
bird dinosaur: "Well, more like...are you okay? What are you doing on the ground?"
me: "Well I'm not very coordinated in this situation, I'm not really here. I'm from another dimension. From my point of view, I am asleep."
bird dinosaur: "Ohhhh. Right. You're here because you're with those immortals who scan the universe for crime, infiltrating every corner and won't let a single one go uncaught."
me: "I'd probably support that...except I haven't been directly recruited. More like getting dragged out of my sleep to get my butt kicked all the time. Do you know anyone who operates in an official capacity I could talk to about this?"
bird dinosaur: "Talking to them directly is possible, I've seen it done. But let's just say you're in for more than just an hour of meditation to get there."
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