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Dropping Napalm on the Rug, Now

Date: 2-Aug-2015

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Characters: me, military guy

After talking for a while to some woman with a small dog at a bank about how she couldn't clear a check, I found myself hooked onto some kind of "video game treadmill" branded by a company called GABER.
Several companies appear to use the name GABER, ranging from oil companies to jewelry. The only real "electronics" company seems to be in Egypt.
I was running on the treadmill seeing the screen, and feeling winded and panicked about the game. The image I saw switched from being running on the treadmill to seeing some kind of electric equipped vehicles which were designed to go out and electrify roads to assassinate people. It was a dark Tron-Legacy type look.
When I watched from a sort of aerial view the building from which the vehicle swarm was spreading out, I saw writing on a tower that looked like it was going to form the word FIBERGLASS but mutated into GABER.
Seeing a spark strike a felt a shooting pain in my spine and blacked out to just switching to listening to a Depeche Mode song titled Smooth. I strained to listen to the lyrics, knowing it was a dream and that this was not a song from the world I knew.
At first the lyrics were disappointing and just said 'look at the moon so white, so white, so white...'. But then they switched to something more musical:
Hey now won't you look what's going on,
They're dropping napalm on the rug now...
Can't you see what's going on now?
It then broke into a catchy sort of chorus:
Don't drop the bomb,
Don't drop it on...
At a certain point, I woke up in the back seat of a car, with light blue or white fabric. There was a pen nearby, and I started to write the lyrics onto the car seat...then thought better of it and looked for paper.
While looking I felt like someone was outside. I got up and saw there was a young man in a U.S. military outfit.
me: (exiting car) "Hi there, my name is Brian."
He was puzzled and asked me wasn't my name something else, which was a female name. Looking at myself I realized that I appeared to be inhabiting a female body, Quantum-Leap style.
me: "Ah, well there's just this guy I'm in love with."
military guy: "What's his name?"
me: (laughing) "Well, Brian, obviously."
military guy: "My battalion is 1000 soldiers in size, and I need an audience personally with the commanding officer. Can you arrange a meeting?"
I realized we were outside of some kind of military building on a base.
me: "Um, sure...I'll see what I can do?"
I deduced I was some sort of secretary or otherwise at this military office, and I'd been napping in the parking lot for some reason. I didn't say I could help him or not, just kind of stumbled off into work to try to figure it out and awoke.
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