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Knocking On The Wrong Girl's Door

Date: 15-Jul-2015/9:56+3:00

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Characters: girl, police, me

I was trying to meet with a girl who lived in an apartment complex with interior cooridors. I accidentally knocked on the wrong door, and the girl came out of another apartment.
girl: (panicked) "You can't knock on the wrong door here! They'll call the police!"
She told me I couldn't come in but now I'd have to wait for the police. So I went and sat in a waiting area. I was looking at a computer and reading it, and didn't notice the police walk up behind me when they came.
police: (suspiciously) "Why didn't you notice when we walked up?"
me: "I was waiting here a while and didn't know if you were actually coming. I'm reading what's on this computer screen."
The police officer pointed past me toward the far wall.
police: "I think you sat here so you could see inside the girls bathroom."
I was taken aback by the suggestion.
me: (angry) "What are you talking about? No! There are two places to sit here, and this is one of them. Beyond that being too far to see, what would I want with seeing an empty bathroom when someone leaves the door open anyway? What is wrong with this building."
Somehow the scene transitioned to where I was encountering a girl with a kind of bleached-blond hair, nearly white. She seemed to recognize me. I saw she had an interesting shirt with Rubiks cubes placed in 5 positional rotations around it. But something I pointed out to her--which she may not have noticed--was the CAMEL cigarettes logographic text very faintly overlaid on her shirt.
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