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non lucid dream

Personal Notes of Allison Coyer, 1800-1868 : 21-Mar-2015
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Home, Shelf, or Drug? : 16-Dec-2009
Amnesia on Obama's Game Show : 4-Oct-2009
The Sprite War : 22-Sep-2009
Not as Brilliant when it's Dry : 22-Sep-2009
Axis of Evil : 5-Sep-2009
Double-O Zero : 9-Jul-2009
The Liquidator : 25-Jun-2009
Tilling the Cosmic Silence : 17-May-2009
The Hillary Clinton Show : 6-Feb-2009
I AIM, therefore IAM ! : 14-Jan-2009
A Guest Dream Within A Dream : 27-Oct-2008
You Just Won A Dead Pixel! : 15-Oct-2008
Four Pi Equation : 13-Jul-2008
The Old Fraggle Likes to Hoggle : 9-Jun-2008
The Buzzing Club Test : 15-Feb-2008
The Sender's Own Time : 24-Oct-2007
Forget the Science, Send the Aliens this Song I Wrote! : 21-Oct-2007
Penguin Radio : 5-Oct-2007
Ghost Comments : 17-Sep-2007
Before The After : 16-Sep-2007
Apple Emulating PCjr : 10-Aug-2007
Christina D'Abrruzza : 25-Jun-2007
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The accounts written here are as true as I can manage. While the words are my own, they are not independent creative works of fiction —in any intentional way. Thus I do not consider the material to be protected by anything, other than that you'd have to be crazy to want to try and use it for genuine purposes (much less disingenuous ones!) But who's to say?