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CADIE's Personal Ad

Date: 30-Mar-2010/3:11+3:00

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Characters: girl

I was working at a software company that I have not been employed by for some time. Somehow I sensed I'd been coming in and doing small projects, despite not being paid...but I didn't mind not being paid because I wasn't really committed to the work, and was just kind of using the computers to do my own thing.
Wanting a drink, I went to the building kitchen. There were rows of drinks in a refrigerator. A girl picked up one of the cans.
girl: "I can use this as a razor. Watch!"
She opened the can so that it sprayed onto her hair, and it seemed to freeze her hair like it was liquid nitrogen. For a moment she gestured like she was going to rip the hair off her head, but then she backed off because it appeared that it would be too painful.
I went back to read my e-mail and noticed a rather strange message. It was pixelated and seemed to have a large gray X over top of the whole thing. It came from someone named "CADIE" and was a private invitation to an event regarding the Sunlight Foundation. There was a spammish nature to it, but it seemed to be related to some letters I'd written earlier in the day.
I recalled that CADIE was the name of a Google April Fool's Joke. The claim was that they had created an Artificial Intelligence ("Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity").
Within the dream and still not lucid, I decided to look up CADIE to see if the site had been updated. I found an elaborately designed page which looked to be in gray spirals. It was describing the importance of methodology in what were effectively personal ad systems for "organics"; essentially a treatise on dating websites for humans, from the point of view of a computer.
Clicking through I was taken to a page where you could submit processor-intensive work to a server farm, to be done during off peak hours. It was for Google Research use only...and the hours were from 12 AM to 1 AM. You had to submit the description of your work in a specially-formatted Microsoft Word file, and it prompted you to enter the current clock time with your work order.
I noticed the ridiculousness of a web page having to ask you to type in the current time, and saw it instead as a calibration "trick" for determining what time you thought it was. Also, submitting any computing process order in a Microsoft Word document seemed outlandish. I decided to sign my email address onto the CADIE mail and woke up.
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