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You Just Won A Dead Pixel!

Date: 15-Oct-2008/7:32+3:00

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I was reading a 3D programming blog that had linked to a video game which people were talking about. It had started to become popular, and they were interviewing someone who worked for the Blender open source 3D program about talking to the author.
The game was a bit like Labyrinth in premise, in that you were playing it on a board where you were rolling a marble around and trying to avoid obstacles. Somehow you could tilt the board physically, and you'd try to make the marble hit the target without rolling off the edge or otherwise meeting its fate. The board was made out of squares, and you were trying to hit white dots on red regions of the board. Sometimes when you hit certain things, the message "You Just Won A Dead Pixel!" would appear...and one of the existing squares on the board would randomly turn red and thus become harmless.
Along the side of the board was a banner that read "Lindstrøm" or some name like that, which I presumed was the company that made the game.
Note The name is an approximation, it was some swedish/finnish/norwegian looking name with a slashy o...it's probably not the real word, I've just been listening to music by an artist Lindstrøm lately and probably made the association.
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