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Polar Bear and Jay

Date: 25-Jun-2017/9:56+3:00

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I had a dream where a polar bear froze to death, and left behind two cubs.
I suggested we name them "P.B." (for Polar Bear) and "Jay", so they'd be PB & J
This was kind of funny, so I'd woken myself up enough to make a small note about it...without taking down more details of the dream in which we'd found the cubs. Unsurprisingly, out on the Internets, there is a cartoon book about a P.B. and Jay where "P.B." stands for Polar Bear, but Jay is a penguin. That is not a particularly realistic duo--as I imagine in reality, the polar bear would eat the penguin.
A few other times I've taken such small notes on dream things that make me laugh, with little other details. One note was from 5-Jul-2017 and was about an advertisement I saw which said "Try our New and Improved Circular Fluid Absorbers! They don't absorb any more fluid--but they're more circular." It's the kind of thing that I can catch myself laughing at in my sleep.
That "fluid absorber" dream I had a note about something else I was reading which was the "Fifteen dollar change outlet. We'll make change for no charge. Just bring us $20 and we'll give you 3 five dollar bills." Which isn't that funny, as it's very much like other change-making jokes. Though it does have a slightly different spin on it...in the sense that it's saying they perform the given task "at no charge".
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