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Toy Invaders From Outer Space

Date: 25-Mar-2018/9:56+3:00

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I was back in Seattle...where I once owned a condominium. Seeing the building had been changed, I was annoyed...and (non-lucidly) pulled out some kind of version control software on a device I was holding. Somehow I was able to use the software to revert the physical structure in front of me to its circa-2000 shape as a small brick building.
After doing so, I got a bit concerned that someone might actually notice. Looking at some settings in the software in the device, I somehow surmised that my name had been logged with the change--so it could be traced back to me.
Instead of panicking, I just decided that the concept was so ludicrous...of being able to alter real buildings by dragging around on software, that I could play dumb. I'd just say "I never thought it would work, who would have?!"
Given that I have no idea what was going on--it wouldn't be an act. I really have no idea. How this didn't trigger me into lucidity, I do not know.
I decided to mill around the neighborhood and get some coffee. Then I would come back and see what response--if any--people were having to my change.
The coffee shop had a line that moved along unusually fast. When I got to the front of the line I found out the reason it was moving so fast was because they were out of coffee, so you could buy something else or leave. I decided to just take off.
When I left, the sky was dark and cloudy and covered in military helicopters. I thought "Gee, well that's a strange response to having a building change.
But it turned out the helicopters were addressing something else--gigantic floating alien things that looked like huge versions of plastic children's toys. Somehow I caught newscasters where people were wondering what would lead aliens to manifest themselves in this way.
However, I jumped into a tangent on how the "invasion by alien toys" had been some kind of distraction. With everyone's attention on this oddness, there had been coordinated thefts across the globe at museums. They took nearly everything of value. But the exception was noticed that they specifically had not taken anything related to Microsoft or that had the Microsoft logo on it.
So people were speculating on why there'd be everything missing but something like a gold Microsoft plaque left behind.
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