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Rearranging Sequences

Date: 1-Apr-2018/11:05+3:00

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Characters: me, woman, man

I had been in a conversation with a woman and a man that was her husband/boyfriend, and she wanted to show me a ring she had gotten. It had a pink stone that was kind of extruded from it.
me: "Hmm, it's fairly extruded like that when it's set that way, I don't know why I wouldn't have noticed. Maybe if you have a lot of other things on, I guess, a lot of accessories then things like that are less noticeable."
My point of view seemed to change to where I was seeing something that looked like a call stack on a computer, in black and white with numbers. The conversation I was having became a bit cacophonous.
My point of view moved into a situation where it was all dark and I couldn't really see anything, and I tried to give the ring back. A woman responded.
woman: "That's not my ring, it belonged to the other woman."
me: "Oh, oops..."
I began to fret about something regarding objects being lost if you were in the midst of debugging something. But I also didn't want to appear to not remember that person's name, so I tried to pull out my cell phone to look at it.
There was an odd force when I went to open my eyes from the blackness and I felt like I was laying in bed but my body vibrated in a weird way.
me: (muttering to self) "Uhhh, this feels really weird. I wonder if any of this is actually dangerous?"
As I lay there a shadowy figure came up to me that I could somehow make out and he pinned me to the ground, and was going to poke something in my eyes and ears. I panicked.
me: "Hey, wait! Don't hurt me!"
man: "I'm not!"
me: "Well, what are you doing then?"
man: "It's an anaesthetic salt, to help get you recovered. Anyway, we try to keep you out of trouble, because left to your own devices you can do a lot of damage."
me: "I? What do you mean when you say that? What am I, the body or some...spirit, or, what do you mean to talk about 'me'?"
man: "What does anyone mean. But I'll make it simple: I'm in charge of watching over you, and covering for you. So when you're talking to me, you're basically talking to God. What were you doing, smashing in those windows? There was a lot we had to explain. You were on drugs, saying you had to 'rearrange sequences'."
me: "I don't know anything about that. I was just seeing darkness a moment ago, and then something that was like...a lot of conversations and something that looked like a computer stack, in black and white. It had numbers in the cells, and I was talking to some people about losing a woman's ring..."
man: "Hm. Uh, what?"
Shortly after this a dog attacked me, and I had to recruit his help to fight the dog off...where he turned into a dog to fight it. That fight was won, but then in trying to take the dog to throw him in another room there were other potential attacks, but I woke up before any of the other attacks.
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