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Married To A Miracle

Date: 11-Apr-2018/11:05+3:00

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Characters: mother, me

I was speaking with my mother and father in a room. They were showing me some books. Neither seemed like themselves, and spoke with very different voices.
For a time my focus was on the books and I was trying to remember the titles, but my attention shifted and I no longer remember them.
mother: "We've been asked to evaluate your situation."
me: "Well this is a situation that needs evaluating. Tell me, am I... am I usually here asleep or something, or what? What will happen to me here when I wake up?"
mother: "Usually you vanish while you're in the system. There have only been a few people who have been miracles, sometimes you get married to one and only find out later."
Note I could not tell from this context if what I do makes me a 'miracle', or if being one would require the ability to NOT vanish while dreaming. This was a little jumbly. The term marriage has been used before to describe a partnership between a spirit and a body.
me: "Look, enough gibberish. What is going on? I want answers!"
mother: "Don't go with the anger."
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