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Drinking Near the DISCO Center

Date: 11-Apr-2018/11:05+3:00

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Characters: me, woman

I had become lucid and was speaking to a woman in a car.
me: "Okay, it's... a Thursday. And it's April. I don't know what numeric day."
woman: (skeptical) "How is it that you don't know the number of today's date?"
me: "I never really do when awake; that's not weird. In fact, they stopped putting it on the phone status bar so I'm even less likely to notice."
We drove past some giant building that said DISCO CENTER. She laughed.
woman: "That's a silly building. But don't bother with that, there's another place I want to show you."
I followed along and kind of (oddly) lost interest in the distinction that it was a dream. We went into something that looked like a library at first. But as we climbed stairs past rooms of books where people were at tables and at terminals, we went up to a door that was an open room full of liquor bottles and beer taps at random places.
There was a $5 cover, and I seemed to be able to pull the money out and hand it to them. Before getting a drink, we sat and waited for some of her friends.
She told a long story about getting stalked by someone she knew from Long Island. She said they used data to find her through an indexing service; and that if anyone looked up someone for dating on that indexing service it meant they were sketchy.
Her friends arrived and we shared a first drink. Then a group of the 4 of us decided to have a contest to see who could make the worst drink. I started with sour mix, and then put in something called "Juvenile Ale" from one of the taps.
The cups were slanted so you couldn't fill them very high. I still began to wonder about the business model of letting people mess with that much alcohol for $5.
My cell phone caught me by surprise on a graphical app alert, broadcasting that we'd had 2 out of 6 drinks. It had figured out our table of 4 had the drinks together. So the $5 gets you 2 drinks, $4 for additional drinks.
I awoke wondering how the app would be tracking all that.
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