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Sampling the Aging Goo

Date: 17-Apr-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, mummified skeleton

As is often the case, I was spitting out a lot of goo from my mouth. I kind of wadded it up and complained, and handed it to a woman.
me: "What's WITH this stuff that's always coming out of my mouth in dreams, anyway?"
She took it from me and rubbed it on herself. Her hair fell out and she aged very rapidly--first becoming old, then a mummy, then a skeleton...and collapsed.
me: (aghast) "Well, jeez, I'm sorry!"
mummified skeleton: "No, it's interesting! This is about giving you options. Isn't it important to see all the different ways of being?"
What remained of the mummy/skeleton then broke into song. I don't remember the lyrics, but the gist was that in the end, you'll eventually see all the options--so you might as well try everything when you can.
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