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Ether Expanded to Q-Ether

Date: 23-May-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, amazon, woman

I approached an attractive Amazon warrior-looking female avatar (in the vein of Xena: Warrior Princess). She was somewhat perfectly "rendered" looking, though we were physically in a sort of natural outdoor setting.
Realizing it was a dream I began asking questions.
me: "I'm asleep, hence I have to ask, what are you?"
amazon: "I'm a character."
me: (suggestively) "Okay...character. So what would happen if I took your clothes off?"
amazon: (slyly) "Are you trying to ask if I'm "anatomically correct"?"
me: (embarassed) "Uh...you can interpret the question how you want."
amazon: "Well, with my clothes on, you can see I have at minimum a nose and a mouth. You're saying that can't be enough to...satisfy you...r question?"
me: (laughing) "Okay, sorry. Sorry. It's just kind of annoying to have to worry about manners in the dreamworld. As if there's not enough to worry about."
At some point the conversation changed to speaking to an ordinarily-dressed woman.
woman: "You're one of those guys who wants to keep going to college perpetually. You seem to think that starting over and over is the ideal way to be."
me: "Starting over, as in death and reincarnation?"
woman: "That too, I guess. But the afterlife really is the same as any reunion. Just a time to go and visit with people, and reminisce about however things went down."
I was spitting up some kind of strange red substance. But a guy came and took it from me, as if he wanted it or thought it valuable. The woman persisted asked a lot of leading questions about my relationships, and then changed the subject:
woman: "The only thing that gets logged as a penalty is smoking. But you don't do that, so...anyway.  If you wanted to cause a trace by using those penalty records for data gathering--too late. But I know you don't care."
me: "Huh? Why would smoking be called out in particular?"
woman: "Long...story. Anyway, the main point I'm making is that while you've broken quite a number of rules, none of that is going to matter if you just get your batteries reset. You'll be as good as if you were new."
me: "If I had a battery, why would I have to eat?"
woman: (sighing) "For a smart guy, you really don't know much.  There's other directions: Ether, and now with Quantum Mechanics it's even expanded, to Q-Ether"
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