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Born On A Monday

Date: 2-Jun-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was speaking with a friendly-seeming man, right after I'd fallen asleep at a rest stop outside of Charleston, in South Carolina. I was aware of that fact.
me: "I know exactly where my body is.  I just fell asleep.  It's at a rest stop outside of Charleston, in South Carolina."
man: "Yup."
me: "Thanks for being friendly. Can you provide any insight into why people attack me in dreams?"
man: "They are paid to do it."
me: "Who pays them?"
man: "People who are jealous of you--using their parents money, most likely.  But it's pointless for them to do it."
He paused to find a way to phrase what he wanted to say.
man: "Look at it this way: You were born on a Monday."
me: "What?"
man: "What I mean is, you can't change the day you were born on, and you couldn't have been born on any other day.  Everything that happens is according to a schematic.  You were designed, according to an equation.  It's not an equation you understand, but an equation nonetheless.  You are God's Alpha child, and these emerging phenomena are no accident."
Marking as verified, as I did recite my location accurately AND was--indeed born on a Monday--and did not know that. Admittedly, that's a 1 in 7 chance (though according to this, not chance at all).
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