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Heather O Tattoo

Date: 15-Mar-2018/11:05+3:00

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Characters: me, girl

I had been speaking with an attractive blond girl, realizing I was dreaming. This led me into one of my usual scripts to see if I could find any connection with anyone existing in the world when I wake up.
me: "Do you have a name, on Earth?"
girl: "Yes... can you remember... Heather O Tattoo"
me: "Um, sure?"
I tried to force myself to wake up, but instead foudn myself looking at a monochromatic blue-writing-on-gray screen. It seemed like it was already in progress, showing city maps and doing name searches on things relating to "Heather O Tattoo".
Rather than try to force myself to wake up all the way, I just watched as it seemed to be scanning pretty wildly and fast. I tried talking out loud to it, and it reacted showing me things.
me: "So... Heather O Tattoo? So someone named Heather with a last name that begins with O that has a Tattoo? That's...well, that's probably a lot of people. Or is it a way of memoizing her name? Could it be something like Heather Otto?"
The machine seemed to run with my guesses, listing out various words and name fragments...as if it were trying to come up with potential encoded meanings for it. It was fast. It just kept running along, I directed it, it seemed to be one step ahead of me more or less guessing at what I wanted it to do.
me: "I don't know what else to suggest. Females...um, under 50, uh...let's see?"
It seemed to have databases more exhaustive than Facebook; I rejected non-matches.
me: "Hm, no... no that's not her. She didn't look like an athlete or anything like that. Rule out anyone who seems overly athletic in nature. But, hey. Wait a second."
I sort of tapped my hands against the surface of whatever it was I was looking at all these computational mapping things on. It wasn't like a monitor, it was more like there was a piece of glass between me and some kind of hologram further back behind the glass.
me: "Uh, given that you're apparently really good at this, and listening to what I'm saying looking for some random person in a dream...do you have any particular explanation for why it is that I'm talking to you in this kind of a situation? Can we change the subject to finding me? I should be able to give you plenty of details..."
Unfortunately, I woke up.
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